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Healthier Kids Workshop with CateHealthier Kids with Cate

Video or Audio, with 20 page handout. $35. Download or watch upon registering.

Catch imbalances before they escalate.

  • Learn how to tell what is going on in your children’s bodies.
  • Learn the basics for treating most imbalances with foods, spices, and some herbs.
  • Learn how to read your kid’s body like a book.
  • Know what is happening inside though observing the outside (through their skin, eyes, tongue, and even their poop!)
  • Strategies for getting herbs and spices into kids.

I’m going to walk you through a non-conventional basic check-up with your child’s body.

progressive workshop for parents, teachers, & childcare providers.

What will your inner child or your actual child gain?

  • Simple tools for understanding how to read their body like a book.
  • Simple tools for directly influencing their experience of wellness.
  • Simple strategies for honoring the body's rhythms.
  • An understanding of how our bodies communicate.

Don't you wish you had that growing up? You can teach your child. I'll teach you how to teach your child.

Healthier Kids – the 2 hour Workshop that will shift the health of the children in your life.

  • Walk through a basic check-up with your child's body.
  • A progressive workshop for parents, teachers, & childcare providers.

I'm so interested in this experiment. I hope you join. For the sake of evolving the humans species. Please comment on your personal family health interests and your questions.

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“I just wanted to tell you that I so enjoyed the Healthier Kids workshop. I watched via the video from upstate NY and learned SO much great info. The workshop really helped me put together some of my prior teachings and clarified a lot of info regarding what our bodies are telling us through digestion and skin. I especially loved the tips on getting the spices needed into our childrens' bodies, so good.
Thanks so much for a great workshop !!!”- Amber

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