Early Pricing & a Bouns!
You can bring a friend for $60 until September 30th.
Early Pricing will go to $347 (for a single ticket) on October 1, 2019

Do you want to live in a lean, clean body in 3 weeks through a nourishing Yogidetox?

Modern culture with it’s arhtyhmic chaos doesn’t need to rule your life. You can take a break and return to your self for a spell. You can awaken your biorhythms and pulse deep organic wisdom back into your veins.

You don’t have to suffer the imbalances of modern chaos.


  • Are taking care of biz, career and others before yourself..
  • Modern Chaos has led you to not trust your SELF.
  • Stuck Endless activity that doesn’t deepen your vibration, and takes you out off your authentic vibration.

Everything else and everyone else is going to distract you back to the surface.

We’ll pull you back into your depth.

Into your core. Into your rhythm.

Forget your deeper nature, your intuition at the cost of
a deeply meaningful and fulfilling life.

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