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Rule#2 – Vata


What type of Digestion (Agni) do you have?

Vata: Force of the Wind

Light and ectomorphic, people with more vata in their body tend towards. The light qualities of vata give rise to the positive emotions of enthusiasm and brightness… the downside is lack of confidence (from the grounding of earth element), lack of ease (from the fluidity of water, and lack of direction (from the pointing nature of fire element). Due to the clear quality, Vatas have an emotional transparency. Their light body structure can manifest in flexibility and quickness.

Due to the dissipating energy of wind, the bile and enzymes get blown out in vata types. Vatas tend to eat erratically and skip meals, which further taxes their ability to digest and absorb nutrients. For this reason Vatas tend to bloat. Due to dryness, vatas tend towards dehydration and constipation.

Due to lightness in the mind and erratic patterns, vatas tend towards sleep issues. The dry quality can create cracking joints.

Vatas thrive when they incorporate routine around their agni (digestive fire). Simply nourishing the body by eating meals 3 times a day at the same time creates a grounding in body and a potential for more mental direction. The best times for vatas to eat are around 7:30 am, noon and 5 pm. Vatas need more nuts, seeds, and oils to balance the lightness of body, and more spices due to the cold nature of their system, and weak digestive tendencies. Homemade fermented foods like sauerkraut, kimchi, and live-
bacteria miso soup support a deeper absorption for Vata’s airy digestion. In general, food should be taken warm, oily and spiced. Doing external oil massage and hot baths preferably daily, allows vatas to feel nourished at the depth of their soul. Synchronizing themselves with nature’s pulsations creates an amazing platform for those with a lighter, more transparent constitution.

Air & Ether

Light, cool, dry, mobile, astringent.

Body Characteristics:
Most often thin with a narrow frame and long neck and bones.

May tend to yo-yo in their weight.

Fast speaking, fast moving,
creative & energetic.

Physical Challenges:
Prone to constipation and chronic immune challenges.

Weakness in the nervous & circulatory systems.

Emotional Challenges:
Nervousness, worry and fear.

Becomes overwhelmed under stress and staying focused can be difficult.

Balanced By:
Heavy, moist, warm & stable qualities.

Creative, enthusiastic and inspiring.

Those of Vata nature are natural artists & healers