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Rule#1: Pitta

What type of Digestion (Agni) do you have?

Pitta: energy of transformation


Pitta is the energy of friction that creates heat. Heat burns the heavier elements to create  something new: transformation. People with a predominance of Pitta dosha crave transformation. They tend to move full throttle towards putting a vision into  action.

Pittas have strong digestion that tends towards sharpness and acidity. The sharp quality becomes evident when meals are skipped – which will lead to mental agitation. The pH acidity is due to the acidic reactive nature of
fire and fire types, which is why pitta digestion is balanced by a fresh alkaline predominant diet of freshly prepared foods and cooling foods. Hot spices, meat, alcohol, caffeine, chocolate and processed foods easily aggravated fire types who already experience a weakness in their liver due to acidic blood filtration.


Pittas thrive on a diet with a steady intake of dark leafy greens, sweet fruits, sprouts and sprouted legumes, grains, raw dairy, and non-oily nuts and seeds. Raw foods are particular helpful for pittas,who have the least tolerance towards the chemical nature of conventional “food”. Self- massage with coconut oil is helpful. Besides a satisfying lunch, the most important lifestyle balancer for pitta is allowing time for pleasant jovial evenings with family or friends.

Fire & Water

Light, hot, slightly oily, unstable, spicy.

Body Characteristics:
Moderate, reasonably steady weight with a medium frame & lithe

Focused, energetic & intense.
Physical Challenges:
Prone to loose stools, heartburn,
headaches, weakness in the liver & skin

Emotional Challenges:

Anger, resentment, irritability & jealousy.
Can sometimes become cynical.

Becomes more focused under stress.

Balanced By:
Cool, heavy, stable & slightly dry qualities.

Clearly perceptive and dynamic. They are
natural teachers, leaders & guides.