The Challenge – Start Your Year Right

Announcing… Cate’s
Start Your Year Right
2021 Challenge. Invent Your Next
Self on Purpose, With Us.

Get your head and your body in the game for 2021. The time to take your life by the horns is now. Guarantee that you’ll feel remarkable and focus your future on purpose.

I’m bringing a group with me on The Challenge.
Start now or Jan 1
Both ending Jan 21, 2021



I know the next few weeks of your life are pivotal. You could enter the new year bloated, fatigued, and unfocused. You could enter feeling behind, groggy and unconfident.

Or, you could be our next success story. But, it’s only possible for us to build your focus, your purpose and your momentum if you join The Challenge.

The big question is which area of your life needs your attention the most?  Your life goals? Your body goals? Your career goals? Your family or relationship goals? If you want to stop making it harder for you to align your every day to what leads to the results you want – take The Challenge.

Rewilding Habits + Intermittent Fasting + Your Meaningful Goal

That is what we’re doing. All you need to do is join us, and we’ll become the vibrant, ambitious, forward-looking power train that gets you on track with your potential for 2021.

The time is right. A year is ending.
A new year is beginning.
Invent Your Next Self.

And for the first time, Cate is guiding The Challenge to kick off the new year…

Before I dive into the details… I want you to decide how you want to feel in 2021.

How you want to feel is a decision. When you decide, by definition, you cut off all other options. You set your target and you kill off the option of what is not that.

But what happens if you don’t take the time to decide?

What happens if at the end of 2020 you let holiday culture influence the good momentum you’ve generated in the past year? What if you enter the new year behind?

Leading Yogahealer for the past two decades I’ve learned the hard lesson that going it alone allows culture to rule. And holiday culture is basically a binge affair. Spending, big meals, time inside, eating, eating and more eating, cookies, wine.

And all that is fine.

As long as it’s balanced by fasting. By time outside. And time for reflection. Feasting without fasting leaves you bloated, unfocused, plumpish, and undetermined. That is not the right way to start the best year of your life.

Especially, when you could gain momentum for the best year of your life with the best daily rituals and routines, in full swing.

Feast. Fast. Get lean and strong. Specially designed for doability during the holiday season.

Get focused for 2021. Clear your mind. Steer towards a deliberate future.

Rewild your self. Become more intuitive, more resilient, and profoundly energized.

Guarantee yourself a personal upgrade in 2021. Start the year better than ever, and be well on your way by January 21.

Meet Cate Stillman

Leader of THE CHALLENGE: Start Your 2021 Right.

Since 2001, she has been guiding people to thrive in their bodies and their lives. She leads people to clarify their unique goals and then to achieve those goals.

Cate Stillman is the Founder of Yogahealer, Master of You, and Yogidetox, as well as a bestselling author. She is an evolutionary thought leader, global tribe builder, and author in the field of personal achievement, Ayurveda, and Dynamic Groups. She started her entrepreneurship with in 2001 and grew to the top 2% of women-owned businesses by 2016. She sets big goals and hits them.

Goals are easier when your habits are rewilded. When you have the rituals of radiance. When you live the secrets of radiant longevity. This wisdom come from the ancient teachings of ayurvedic and yoga –  those historically obsessed with exploring awakeness and health as a path. What did 20 years of guiding people to live their dreams teach Cate?

The secret is in the momentum of the right group.

Cate found that invested members – investing attention and resources – into a guided process enables a much more direct, and therefore faster transformation to results. The group compounds the better habits – you see the effects, you see how it’s worked for other people, and the road is paved for your quick progress. Results first in your body – like feeling good, having a high level of fitness, reliable and substantial energy, sound sleep, and effortless digestion.

Results second in mind – the ability to focus, to relax, to align, to attune. Having the daily experience of a rhythm within the mind to synchronize with productivity and rejuvenation.

Results third in essence – the ability to intuit and act without resistance to the better path forward in life.

A group with invested members – – investing attention and resources – – gets to these results much faster.

Cate lives by example. She took her career online back in 2007 so she could raise her daughter in two countries with two languages while living in beautiful homes at the surf break and the ski hill. She accomplished this without sacrificing her profit or her body.

She can guide you to live your own life on target, on meaning, on purpose.

Cate’s Start Your Year Right
2021 Challenge.
Invent Your Next Self on Purpose,
With Us.

Now – January 21, 2021

Choose Your Start Date


If you want immediate access to The Challenge – choose to start now. We’ll have our kick-off Orient Your Challenge session on the Winter Solstice.

If you want to join us after the holidays, choose the January 1st start date.

2 Options:
Start NOW

Start New Year’s Day Jan. 1, 2021

End Date: January 21, 2021

If you want immediate access to The Challenge – choose to start now. We’ll have our kick-off Orient Your Challenge session on the Winter Solstice.

If you want to join us after the holidays, choose the January 1st start date.

Connect with Challengers

Cate's community is exceptionally dynamic. You'll be on a group forum with lots of support and guidance!

Includes a 1-1 Body Goals Session

Talking to a coach about your goals is essential to your progress. A 1-1 session is included!

How it Works

Feast and Fast.

You’ll get instant access into Cate’s Intermittent Fasting Course for your Metabolic Type. It’s a compact course you can take on your PC or phone with the Yogahealer App. You’ll listen or watch to a 30 minute audio every few days.

Organize your 2021 Strategy

On your start date, you will get access to the 30 Minute Orient Your Challenge Workshop.

Challenger Q+A with Cate

Cate will host 2 live Q+A’s in January to guide you into your better future.

Challenge within A Challenge: January 11-15

Challenge within a Challenge: Cate needs to test a 5 Day Ayurvedic version of the Fast Mimicking Diet (FMD). FMD. Cate is inviting select Ayurvedic modern celebrities to collaborate on the menu and recipes. This is innovation in action - a combining of autophagy, cell regeneration, and wholesome Ayurvedic nourishment for times of fasting. During the 5 Day, FMD the Challengers within the IF Challenge will be restricting their caloric intake to 500-750 calories (depending on the day) in order to shift their metabolism into a fast mimicking state to experience the surreal benefits of fasting. And you get to eat something! The 5 Day FMD Challenge within the Challenge will happen January 11-15.

Value: $697
Fan Price: $147!

2 Payment Option – Get Started for $73.50

Take The Challenge if you want to start the New Year Right!

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“When I found Cate I was tired. I was heavier. My husband was too. With the support and guidance of Cate’s course… our lives have changed. We’re feeling better than we have in years. We have energy, clarity and alignment in our lives again!”

– Janeen + Joe: Cate’s Course members

Guarantee 2021 Starts Right for YOU.

It’s not a diet.

It’s not restrictive of WHAT you eat.

It’s specially designed for doability during the holiday season.

– Janeen + Joe: Cate’s Course members

What You’ll do in The CHALLENGE


Feast… and Fast

Be guided through the basics of Intermittent Fasting for your Metabolic Type


Challenge within the Challenge

You’ll do a 5 day fast mimicking diet reset… or an intermittent fasting one week challenge.

54795167-0-sprout (1)

Get In Touch with Your Goals

Clarify your goals and your calendar to meet your goals.


Rewild Your Rituals

The hype on cold showers, forest bathing, polar swims.. it’s all part of the challenge to wake you up.


Healing Space

As you shift when you eat you’ll have more time and space to heal, to detox and to recover. We’ll guide you into


Be Your Metabolic Type

Your body type requires you to know how to optimize your eating rhythm for the best metabolism. You’ll get in the swing of your best eating rhythm.

Sign Up Bonuses!

Compounding Bad vs. Good Habits 1 hour training (Value $75)

How to Compound Your Success: 1 hour interview (Value $75)

Maps of Healing: The Hexagon of Healing Workshop with Cate (Value $75)

Peak Performance and Deep Rejuvenation Workshop (Value $75)

I so want you to succeed in 2021… on your unique goals, I put together a sign-up bonus pack. These are the best recent coaching sessions to move you forward fast.

Value: $300!

Benefits of the Intermittent Fasting Course (Included)
…. for YOUR Metabolic Type

Your Cells Clean House

When we eat too frequently or erratically we inefficiently challenge the body and mind. On a cellular level, Vata types disperse energy, Pitta types burn out, and Kapha types stagnate. When you intermittent fast… for YOUR type your cells get what they need most, while having a rhythm for cleaning house.

You Awaken Your Immune Anatomy

When you deeply stabilize your blood sugar high levels of consciousness become available. You awaken your ability to relax into deeply focused states of higher awareness. Vata types will feel stronger and more grounded. Pitta types will feel more level-headed and perceptive, and Kapha types more energized.

You Crave Nutrient Density

When we focus on what to eat and not eat we turn nourishment into a mind game. With intermittent fasting… for your metabolic type… it’s easy. You’ll naturally be drawn towards what your body needs, season by season. You’ll discover your cellular intelligence. Your palette will become refined, and cravings for nutrient deficient food falls away. Win-win!


Cate’s Intermittent Fasting Course

Screen Shot 2022-05-12 at 3.00.53 PM

Focus on When, not What

Our modern obsession with what to eat has overcomplilcated your intuitive body wisdom. First, regain your cellular intelligence by eating in rhythm with the natural cycle. You’ll feel lighter, yet grounded. Focused and calm. Relaxed and empowered.

Screen Shot 2022-05-12 at 3.01.11 PM

Know Your Metabolic Type

As you regain rhythm you’ll learn about your Ayurvedic Metabolic type. You’l quickly refine your rhythm. Digestion and elimination will improve as your cells detox inflammation. You’ll notice the ease, the focus, and the extra time you have daily.

Screen Shot 2022-05-12 at 3.01.26 PM

Discover the Deeper Rhythm

Finally, as rhythm becomes strong in your cells you’ll sleep more deeply. You’ll crave better habits in each part of your day…and you’ll be guided to troubleshoot challenging situations like travel. You’ll even be guided to help other people in your life get on board.


“Cate guided me into rhythm. With a better eating rhythm… I started sleeping better. The extra weight fell off. I have more energy, more focus, and more time. Plus, it’s way easier than obsessing around what not to eat!”

– Sam Kennedy, Intermittent Fasting Course member

Get Access to
Cate’s Challenge Now!

You get to live your life how you should. I’ll guide you to set yourself up for the most success in the next month. You get to do the holidays your way. You get to nourish yourself, feast and fast. You get to choose your goals. To live your life. Let’s go.

2 Payment Option – Get Started for $73.50

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