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A Super Healthy School Year: Ayurvedic Tips for Kids + Parents with Dr. John Douillard

Dr. John Douillard is an Ayurvedic wellness pro and father of six kids. On this special back to school episode he shares the inside scoop on how he parents in the fall and winter. You'll get tips for babies through college kids in this episode. Not to mention everything he says is applicable to adults. I rap with Dr. John Douillard about a Super Healthy School Year Preventing colds + flus Buffing out immune systems Ayurvedic herbal remedies for fall + winter What vaccines to get your child and when is...

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Top 3 Ways to Build Ojas

(In Ayurveda, Ojas is our protection – our immunity from disease and from the penetration of negative vibrations. Ojas  is the connecting factor, gelling consciousness (the divine energy of prana and the divine light of tejas) into the organism into a connective network informed by Divine intelligence. Ojas is formed by digesting consciousness via foods and experiences back into the essence of consciousness (the Absolute). 1. Build Ojas Physically: Eat Seasonally. If we eat what is offered by nature seasonally and without much processing, our ojas will tend to be strong. We will...

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