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Thanksgiving Guide

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to the kick off for the Evolve Your Winter Traditions Project.We’ve created the Thanksgiving Guide for you to uplevel your Thanksgiving in line with your inner wisdom.

The Guide has 3 parts

[icon size=”18″]icon-check[/icon]An E Book for you to print
[icon size=”18″]icon-check[/icon]Interviews and Conversations
[icon size=”18″]icon-check[/icon]Autumn Yoga Classes with Cate
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The idea is to spark your own ideas about:

  • how you want to nourish yourself and your loved ones
  • connecting through meaningful conversation
  • tapping into the inner joy of deep fall



Click here to open your e-book.

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From Hectic to Healthy Holidays: Creating Family Connections

  • Start the conversations that evolve family traditions
  • Navigate feeding your kids around through December’s sugar craze
  • Get grounded.

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Cate Interviews Sergei Boutenko, from the Raw Food family,and creator of the Wild Edibles App. We get into eating like a native, tips for harvesting and drying wild plants, and guidelines for shifting your family into healthier ways. (60 minutes)
Wild Edibles PDF- print this great gift from Sergei!


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John Joseph Immel

John Joseph Immel – founder of  (84 minutes)

Why we get sick in Winter… and how to avoid it.

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Shantree Kacera on practices for Late Fall and Living Foods Ayurveda

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Late Autumn Yoga Practices with Cate

Cate leads you through a Level 2 yoga Practice to honor your ancestors.(75 minutes)


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Giving Thanks for the 5 Elements

Level 2 Yoga Practice with Cate (75 minutes)