WILD HABITS+ Intermittent Fasting+ Vision on Purpose
+ + Access to THE GOLD ROOM
(Urine Therapy)


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Invest your next self on purpose. With us.

Before I dive into The Wild Habits Challenge...
I want you to decide how you want to feel in your body.

Cate is guiding Your Wild Habits Challenge to kick off the next 21 days of your life.

We’re losing our ability to concentrate. 

We’re losing the ease of relaxation. 

We’re losing simple pleasures. 

We’re losing our humanness.

Rewild your gut.

Rewild your breath body

Rewild your spine

Rewild your skin and hair.

Rewild your thinking.

Crash Course into Intermittent Fasting


What are Challengers saying?




So much fun to read everyone’s experiences and watch the videos! I love how everyone has their own successes and challenges, but we all seem to equally enjoy the process. So great to realize you can handle more than you thought! 💪🏼 

I honestly did not think this challenge was going to be for me. Thanks Cate Stillman for offering up this challenge!!
So much fun!!
It gives you the feeling
 of being invincible. 

The power of this posse is no joke! I can feel the surge in momentum. Thank you Cate Stillman
and thank you Amazing Posse!
#nolimits 😍🔥


Rewild your spirit. Become more intuitive, resilient, and energized.

Rewild your gut, your skin, your hair, your lungs. Thrive in today's world.

Rewild your body and mind. Get leaner, stronger, better.

Get the power of your mind on track. Steer towards your unique future.



Cate Stillman's course member community is in a deep exploration of Urine Therapy. All of the content, including FAQ videos, are included in the 21 Day Challenge Access Pass. 

What will you experience?

  • What your pee can do for you
  • Where to start
  • How to detox with pee
  • Why pee is the next superfood, elixir, probiotic drink, electrolyte mix... made by you for you!

How it Works

Intermittent Fasting
You’ll get instant access into Cate’s Intermittent Fasting Course for your Metabolic Type. It’s a compact course you can take on your PC or phone with the Yogahealer App. You’ll listen or watch to a 30 minute audio every few days. 

Organize your Big Goals
On your start date, you will get access to the Orient Your Challenge Workshop.

Connect with Challengers
Cate's community is exceptionally dynamic. You'll be on a group forum with lots of support and guidance!

Challenger Q+A with Cate
Listen into 2 Q+A's with Cate on intermittent fasting, fast-mimicking diet + rewilding habits.

Includes a 1-1 Body Goals Session
Talking to a coach about your goals is essential to your progress. A 1-1 session is included!

Challenge within A Challenge: 5 DAYS

Challenge within a Challenge: Cate designed the 5 Day Ayurvedic version of the Fast Mimicking Diet (FMD). Cate is inviting select Ayurvedic modern celebrities to collaborate on the menu and recipes. This is innovation in action - a combining of autophagy, cell regeneration, and wholesome Ayurvedic nourishment for times of fasting. During the 5 Day FMD, some of our Challengers will be restricting their caloric intake to 500-750 calories (depending on the day) in order to shift their metabolism into a fast mimicking state to experience the surreal benefits of fasting. And you get to eat enough to regenerate your cells at the level of fasting!

Get your head and your body in the game for your next purpose. The time to take your life by the horns is now. Guarantee that you'll feel remarkable and focus your future on purpose.

Value: $697
Fan Price: $147!

2 Payment Option - Get Started for $73.50

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