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Deeply integrate the wisdom of Ayurveda into your business.  

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Ayurvedic Wisdom holds the key to your 

body evolution.

...not just “losing weight” or “looking good” for everyone else… but a deep body integrity and inner love that emits through you to those in your circles of care… & inspires
your core peeps to live healthier lives. “

Learn how Shakti (energy) works in your body

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Learn Ancient Wisdom that is Quickly Becoming Popular as the New Modern Health

  1. Unclog your body & clean up your inner temple.

  2. Get your temples running on the right schedule, at the right rhythm so you sparkle.

  3. Take back your time and streamline your biorhythms for more energy and flow.

  4. You want to declutter your homes and your lives and open up the field of living in a clarified space.

  5. You want to own the power of your own constitution.

  6. You want a lean, fit, fat-metabolizing body. 

6 reasons to start your Ayurveda free training today:

Living Ayurveda

With Cate Stillman

 "Ayurveda transformed how I do yoga as a student, as well as how I teach yoga in helping my yoga students transform their lives in working from a more Ayurvedic approach from a traditional yoga approach with postures and just really like bringing the breath into the postures."

Lisa Souba

"I feel like I was just stuck in a very small mind for a very long time, which is why I felt the need to overdo it, as if I need to prove that I’m big enough to do all these things - no no no no - not at all. So, this evolutionary process has actually been a process of simplification for me, finding the beauty in that simplification, and the power in it." 


"Everything from my health, the health of the people close to me, my boyfriend who I live with, as well as the way I teach, and where I want to take my wellness career has changed and evolved"


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About The Instructor

CATE STILLMAN is leading the 10th annual the Living Ayurveda Course from October 2018 - June 2019

She founded in 2001, Yoga Health Coaching in 2012 and author of the amazon's best selling Ayurveda book Book, Body Thrive. 

Whether you are a yoga teacher, massage therapist, or some other type of wellness pro, LAC offers a unique space to integrate Ayurvedic concepts into how you show up for your peeps - and you will gain a deeper level of thrive in your own life. So, if you want to show up with more energy and insight for yourself and your peeps.

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