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Women, Ayurveda + the Vata, Pitta, Kapha of How We Evolve

You may have noticed that it’s mostly women in the field of evolving wellness and self-care. Whether you’re here as person wanting to thrive or a professional who helps people thrive chances are, statistically speaking, you have a womb. Today’s episode is devoted to what is happening in this evolutionary wellness space we hold together. First you’ll hear from Jackie Prete, in how she is evolving professionally. She’ll also tell you about how fast and effectively her yoga students are stepping into thrive....

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Purge Your Home

Purging: Clear Out the Stagnant to Awaken your next revolution Hot topics in this episode of the Yogahealer Real Life Show are: Cate's living foods apple + sprouted buckwheat granola recipe Interview with Feng Shui + Yoga expert, Tenaya Kolar, about how to purge your home, and the concept of cleaning up your physical space when you clean your body Q+A with Cailaiya:  Eczema from an Ayurvedic perspective In the Purge Your Home interview you learn how to: Complement and support your physical cleanse with a clear out of your space Seize the energetic potential of the time of year Use the process of purging to...

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Back to School with Ayurveda

Fall is a time of year when things are changing. For those who have a love of learning, this is a time when the door is wide open for growth and expansion. The seasons are also changing, everything in nature is drying out, and if we don’t take care of ourselves physically, we can leave ourselves vulnerable to lots of minor ailments. Our five senses inform of us the changes, while our mind opens to accelerated growth this time of year. Vata season ushers in the change. It's expansive energy invites us...

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A Modern Women’s Ayurveda Conversation with Alicia Diaz

Contemporary Ayurveda with Alicia Diaz: Embrace Your Queen In this interview Alicia Diaz inspires women to take a 21st century approach to the Ayurvedic teachings, love their bodies, listen to the “the Queen” inside and step into their Dharma. Alicia talks about her own path to Ayurveda and describes her early, very Western, view of physiology. As former athlete and Clinical Exercise Physiologist, Alicia experienced thriving on “go go” but ultimately burnt out. She found more than she was bargaining for in these ancient teachings, including the ability to recognise and place...

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