I Want To Evolve My Recipes, rituals, + Holiday spending.

No worries. My course comes with a 7-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

Connection Over Consumption
A gift to share with 5 of your Peeps

I’m not sure about you, but I’ve struggled with the holiday hectic scene for awhile. In deep winter, I want a deep soul connection… both with myself and with my inner circle. The more I dove deep into yoga, Ayurveda, and meditation, the more I wanted my holiday experience to come into sync with the rest of my life. I looked for resources to share with my loved ones – to help get everyone on board with co-creating a more conscious, a more-evolved, and just plain more fun holiday experience.

I wanted us to connect around what was most important. I wanted us to celebrate being together AND feel great in our bodies when we parted. I wanted to say goodbye to the over-shopping, over-eating, and over-scheduling during the hectic holiday extravaganza. But, I couldn’t find a supportive experience to help motivate this kind of a shift in myself + with those I enjoy the holidays.

So, I invented a supportive experience for me and mine, and you and yours.

I invented the Evolve Your Winter Traditions Project. We’re in our 4th season  – and it’s been a super-effective game-changer for families around the Earth. I’ve made it a super-easy, super-affordable, super low-carbon footprint holiday evolving investment you can make for your whole inner circle.

If you’re tired of the way your holidays have gone in the past this is a game changer. You’ll gain some major traction in your spiritual practices, your body wellness evolution, and in cultivating more consciousness in your relationships. Triple win.

New Rituals = Dynamic Conversation

I'm going to show you how to co-create your holidays for dynamic growth for you and your peeps. I've heard from many students and clients they are tired of having the same superficial conversations. I'll guide you step by step into how to upgrade your holidays in line with your evolving self, to the benefit of all those whose life you touch.

Inspiring Dialogues

15 short dialogues to choose from....

What does Desiree eat during the holidays? Get on the inside of Des's kitchen!

Desiree Rumbaugh

International Yoga Celebrity teacher and mom...

Matt and Angela share their own health evolution journeys, and give tips for navigating how to stay on your track when visiting family and friends.

Matt Monarch + Angela Stokes Monarch


Get an integral approach and an awake insight to help you navigate your personal evolution with friends and family. 

Craig Hamilton + Claire Zammit

CEO's of Evolving Wisdom

Here's Exactly What You'll Get Inside
How this works

  • Inspiring dialogues to inspire change for all ages. The intergenerational apporach to family evolution awaits!
  • Recipes for Vibrant Bodies that are simple, nourishing, local and seasonl so that you emerge in January renewed and ready for a new year.
  • What not to buy + How to invest holiday spending guidebook into what matters most
  • Earth-Rhythms + solstice rituals for your home or apartment to pull your energy to center and deppen your immune integrity. 
  • Tips, blessings, and simple worksheets to help your family, extended family, and friends take a giant step forward in how your celebrate yourselves, eachother, and our wonderful planet. 

Still Not Sure?

No Worries. Our Product Comes With A

7 Day Money-Back Guarantee!

I stand behind the transformational power of this course. Start Winter Traditions right now, and see it for yourself within the next 7 DAYS. If the course does not live up to any the claims stated here. I don't want your money, and I'll give back every penny back to you. No hassles and we can part as friends. 100% Money-Back Guaranteed.

I look forward to personally guide you throught the holidays for more connection and less consumption. Let's emerge on track, refreshed and ready to rock 2015.  


Cate Stillman