Allergy Relief Workshop

What type of allergies do YOU have?

Did you know that the underlying cause of allergies is unique to the individual? The problem with allergies with pharmaceuticals is that the pharmaceuticals never target the root problem. Allergy drugs have side effects. From a holistic perspective the side effects aggravate the root problem.Leave the allergies untreated by drugs and you suffer from your allergies.What is the way out of this loop?From the wisdom tradition of Ayurveda is a simple solution. Discover what is causing your allergies from the inside out. It's not the trees, the dust, the pollen. Your allergies are not caused by the substance you are allergic to.Your allergies are caused by your body reacting to the substance you are allergic to.

The next obvious question is why is my body reacting?Now you're asking the right question. Why, indeed is your body reacting? At this point, the question becomes unique. Why is MY body reacting? Why is my BODY reacting? Why is my body REACTING?

The three ways to ask the same question all point to the same reality. There is a root cause. There is a unique pattern to your allergies. Discover the pattern, and you can reverse engineer an allergy-free life. First, understand the pattern is caused by a build up of a certain energy, that has particular characteristics.At the root of your allergies is dryness, heat or congestion. You may have a mix of all three in your symptoms as your body attempts to rectify dryness with moisture, and moisture with heat.Your job is to find out what started the pattern in the first place. You can do this by doing a deep dive investigation into your unique allergy pattern.

What type of allergies do YOU have?

Vata Allergies stem from underlying dryness in your gut, eyes, ears, breath channels, and lungs.

Pitta Allergies stem from underlying irritation and inflammation in your gut, eyes, liver, breath channels, and lungs.

Kapha Allergies stem from congestion in your gut, sinuses, stomach, breath channels, and lungs.

Hi, I'm Cate Stillman, founder of since 2001. Over the past 15 years I've guided thousands of people out of their allergies. Whether your allergies are full of snot, itch, or reactivity, you can uproot the underlying imbalance.I'll teach you how to personally diagnose and treat your allergies with Ayurveda.You'll experience other side benefits as you cure your allergies as Ayurveda balances your body, your mind and your life.I’ve helped thousands of “healthy” people understand the energetic (or doshic) imbalances behind their allergies. Once they get what they are doing to cause themselves to have allergies… we uproot the imbalances.My 2 hour workshop is perfect for those who can’t pop a pill for an answer. Allergy Relief Workshop is for you if you want to know what your body is communicating… and want deep and permanent relief.

"The best way for me to guide you through a process to detecting what is the unique root cause of your allergies is through a two hour workshop." 

By the end of the workshop, you'll have diagnosed your unique allergy pattern. You'll know what you can do to unwind the pattern and be over your allergies forever. "

Your Allergies Are Optional

If you don’t know what kind of allergies you have you can’t get relief. In this 2 hour workshop I’ll walk you through self-diagnosis so that you can detect the underlying causes of your allergies.You’ll be guided through a process to understand what is creating the situation in your body. Once you know what is going on behind the scenes, you’ll be guided into specific action steps to take.This workshop includes an ebook of handouts with tools and recipes for you to take action, once you know what is happening within your body. You’ll be guided to take action right away and uproot the cause of your suffering.



You can understand + uproot your allergies… from the inside out. I’m going to teach you everything I know about getting rid of your allergies. I’ve helped hundreds of people alleviate their allergies while evolving their health. You can be next. It’s not that complicated.


"The Yogahealer Allergy Workshop is a must have. Whether you suffer from allergies or know someone who does, this information is invaluable! Priced at $25 is so generous because it’s a ton of content including a two hour lecture and work sheets you’ll find yourself going back to again and again. Thank you, Cate!”

Pamela Marshall, Yoga Teacher, New Hampshire

"I had mucus for 15 years before meeting Cate. I never knew that mucus was optional. In learning about my unique allergy pattern, I've been able to live allergy-free for the past 5 years. All for $25! It's the best $25 I've ever spent. Thanks, Cate!”

- Sally Jones, Yoga Teacher, London

Allergy Relief Workshop

IF YOU’RE READY TO PUT AN END TO NEEDLESS SUFFERING, TAKE THE ALLERGY RELIEF WORKSHOPThe 2 hour mp3 (audio) Workshop and Allergy Relief Handouts are immediately available for download upon purchase.