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[section title=”You help people evolve their bodies” class=”evolve”]

[span12]You are trained as a holistic wellness provider and you know how to do your job. You take people who are in discomfort, whether it be physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual, and you guide them into the next level of wholeness. The next level of integrity. The next level of thrive.
You sense you could help more people.

You are good at what you do. You’ve been trained well by great teachers, great healers, awake people. You know you’re on the right path for you. You’re meant to do this work. You’re good at it. You enjoy it. Time flies.

However, like most healers and yoga teachers, like most holistic wellness providers, you haven’t focused your training on the business behind your work. You’ve focused on being the best wellness provider you can be.

You may experience a depressing or frustrating gap between your ability to help more people and the reality of not having enough clients or students to allow you to live well and save for your old age.[/span12]

[section title=”Perhaps you” style=”gray” class=”perhaps”]
[span1][icon size=”20″]icon-ok[/icon][/span1][span11]You want to make a healthy, consistent income. You feel overwhelmed at how much time and energy you put into each class or consultation. You know it’s not sustainable year after year, this kind of exchange of your time for the annual income you are earning.[/span11][/span12]
[span1][icon size=”20″]icon-ok[/icon][/span1][span11]You want to plan for your future, and make smart choices now. You feel like you could be more proactive in saving for retirement. You work hard and yet there isn’t much left over for savings after the bills are paid. You’re wondering if you’ll ever get ahead, but don’t have a plan to make small changes in that direction.[/span11][/span12][/span9]

[span12][span1][icon size=”20″]icon-ok[/icon][/span1][span11]You know you’re a good teacher but you’re classes aren’t as full as you’d like. Your students aren’t as consistent as you’d like. Some classes are big, but others are small, and it’s difficult to predict your annual income. You want your students to be more committed and discover what you have to teach them. You want all of your classes to be full, but you feel like you’ve tried everything and it doesn’t make a difference.[/span11][/span12][span12][/span12]

[span12][span1][icon size=”20″]icon-ok[/icon][/span1][span11]You want to work with people who are really ready to grow and change. You don’t want to have to convince someone that you know what you’re talking about. You want your students and clients to come ready for connection, ready to learn, ready to evolve. But the reality is many of your students don’t really know how much you can help them, and aren’t as committed or consistent as you’d like.[/span11][/span12][span12][/span12]

[span12][span1][icon size=”20″]icon-ok[/icon][/span1][span11]You want to raise your rates, but you’re schedule isn’t even booked as it is. You know your time is worth more, when you account for the extra time with clients emails, notes, and preparing for classes and staying after class. You need to figure out a way to earn more money for your time, but don’t know how to systematically put a income -building plan in action that excites your clients and students.[/span11][/span12][span12][/span12]

[span12][span1][icon size=”20″]icon-ok[/icon][/span1][span11]You want more freedom in your lifestyle. You want more a schedule that works for you. But you’re stuck in the reality that you’re overextended and don’t have enough time for your pers[/span11][/span12][span12][/span12]
[section class=”tens”][span12]1If you’re having even one of these experiences, you are not alone. Chances are you haven’t been trained in growing a business. You haven’t been trained as an entrepreneur. You’re had excellent training as a healer, a teacher, a wellness provider. But let’s be honest. That is a very different set of skills. Your holistic training didn’t include a component on how to niche yourself; how to leverage your time; how to create a sustainable, thriving career. You know how to help people which is very different that knowing how to grow your income at the same time.

Why is it that despite our solid skills in our field, and despite years of investment in our personal and spiritual growth we still aren’t making the kind of money that we need to truly thrive… to truly experience abundance in our bank account?

Most of us think we need to be a better yoga teacher, a better healer, a better wellness provider to see a boost in our bank account. We think if we just go to the next training, learn another modality, get another certification, we will start to see the kind of return on our investment we’ve been hoping for all along.[/span12][/section]

[section title=”We have not learned how to grow our income with the skills that we have.” style=”gray” class=”learn”][span12]31Until now, you’ve focused your training on becoming a better wellness provider or teacher. Focusing on the training of your particular healing modality has been absolutely essential to building the toolkit of your body-mind awareness that you use everyday to help people.

Your training until this point has enabled a mind-body evolution for you to experience a subtle integration of who you are. The temple of your body is awake to a higher integration, a higher wisdom, that most people you know ever experience. And when things go wrong in this body-mind, you know what to do to right the situation. You do this for yourself all the time. You do this with others all the time. You are a great healer, an inspiring teacher, a gifted guide.

And it seems absolutely at odds that this wouldn’t be enough to create abundance in your bank account. And yet, if we look objectively at our collective situation, as holistic wellness providers of many modalities we see that growing our bank account is indeed a different skill set than helping people experience deeper integration and aging gracefully.

To build abundance in our bank account, we need to learn a new skill.[/span12][/section]
[section title=”The Skill of Growing Your Income” class=”skill”]

[span12]While many people are talking about simple things you can do to grow your wellness business, the truth is we need to evolve how we think about our perfect clients and customers. We need a training that gives us the time to implement new ways of being with our clients and students. When we look back on our personal evolution we see that our learning wasn’t instantaneous. Our learning, our personal evolution, came from regular practices, even daily practices.
When we awaken to this concept – that we need a training for our business we have a tendency to want it all at once. We think that when we buy the book, or the course we will get it and our bank account will begin to burgeon. But the truth is, like skill really worth learning, you have to go through a process. You have to be a student to the training. You have to invest your attention in what you want to learn. You have to experiment. You need a beginner’s mind. You need to do some work.[/span12][/section]

[section title=”How Do We Grow Our Income Doing What We Love?” style=”gray” class=”income”][span12]DSC00142-300x225In my journey with I’ve cultivated the basic skills, practices, and tools to help yoga teachers and healers build their income. Most of you know me as a wellness provider, instead of a business guru. So, why am I putting so much time and attention into healers and yoga teachers to grow this skill set? The answer is simple. When you don’t have full classes and a waiting list for people paying premium for your services, your community is less healthy. The more of your favorite kind of work that you have, the more of your perfect customers interacting with your skills and services, the healthier our communities become.

I am absolutely passionate about helping wellness providers experience the kind of abundance and personal thrive that has been my experience. When we healers and wellness providers know how to connect with our perfect clients… our communities become healthier, we become wealthier, and our species evolves. How to make this happen is simple and clear. While the model my business follows is probably a little different from what you want to create, the skill set to get there is the same.

You have the potential to leverage your time, your energy and your wellness wisdom to have a bigger impact. And a bigger bank account.

Let’s get on it. Together. Join me for my 7 month Business Course for Yoga Teachers and Healers. Some of you have been at this for awhile. Some of you are still in wellness school. You are all welcome to begin this part of the journey in your career. Without this skillset, you will have difficulty leveraging your wisdom. Get more people, and the people who are ready for your wisdom, through your door.

Join us. And receive instant access. A seven month journey you can start now…[/span12][/section]
[section title=”A Message to you from Cate:” class=”cate_message”][span12]DSC00585-300x225I graduated from Ayurveda College and Iyengar Yoga school in 2001- 11 years ago. I had no training in how to run my own business or how to create a thriving career. I grew up in an affluent household – I hoped to achieve the standard of living I grew up with… but saw how most practitioners and yoga teachers just got by and made do. Like my teachers, I invested in wellness trainings and didn’t invest in entrepreneurial mentorship. When I look back, I see I was a typical healer/yoga teacher in an industry which created great wellness providers with the skills to serve, but without the skills to thrive.

I saved to pay for trips to India and elsewhere and to study with teachers, gurus, and healers. I saw clients and waited tables because I didn’t have enough clients or students to keep up with my desire to learn from experts.

Another piece of my story is Grandpa Albert Stillman, who came to the US from Russia at 20. He and with his brother pooled some money to start a working class bar in Brooklyn. My dad, Jerry Stillman, the first generation to go to college, worked in the earliest of the early days on the first computers in the 1960′s. He matured with the first generation of the computer industry in the late 1990′s. He went from development to sales to management.

I inherited both the desire to be my own boss with my absolute love of progressive technology. This combo creates a leveragable yoga teacher and healer in 2012.

I’ve heard since I was a kid that I have a head for business. It’s true. I love business. I love technology. I love being able to leverage what I know to create a planetary wellness movement. It’s a blast.

So, I started getting business training. I doubled my income. Then I tripled my income. I live a freedom-based lifestyle and am raising my daughter to do the same. I love my work everyday. I receive emails everyday from various points on the Earth saying I’ve helped.

I learned how to leverage my time and help 1000% more people than I could my years of business training.

And you are capable of learning these basic business skills, tailored to dharma and in line with our yoga ethics. People want what you want to offer. Let’s focus on getting you the skills to grow your vision.

Let me help you build a thriving income around your vision. It will even be an entertaining, enjoyable experience. I promise.
– Cate[/span12][/section]
[section title=”What Participants are saying:” class=”participate”][span12]“I just totalled up my income from Jan-Sept and I made $ 20,000.00 more than i had projected when you asked me what I wanted to make this year in our first week of Yogahealer Business Course a year ago. Which is awesome!!” – anonymous yoga teacher from Canada. She would like to remain anonymous… as it’s awkward for yoga teachers to talk about money.[/span12][/section]

[section title=”Yogahealer Business Graduates report a 100% shift in:” class=”report”]
[span12][span1][icon size=”20″]icon-ok[/icon][/span1][span11]My business savvy improved.[/span11][/span12]
[span12][span1][icon size=”20″]icon-ok[/icon][/span1][span11]I know how to build a community around my business.[/span11][/span12]
[span12][span1][icon size=”20″]icon-ok[/icon][/span1][span11]I know the shadow aspects around my vision.[/span11][/span12]
[span12][span1][icon size=”20″]icon-ok[/icon][/span1][span11]I know my next steps with technology.[/span11][/span12]
[span12][span1][icon size=”20″]icon-ok[/icon][/span1][span11]I know how to outsource tasks I need done to grow my vision[/span11][/span12]

[span12]“Thank you Cate! Your focus, wisdom and clear insights moved me from having lots of ideas with little focus to feeling grounded and clear in starting my business. You are so generous in sharing your wisdom. I am looking forward to what unfolds in Mentors Club. You are a gift”. – Kate, Yoga Teacher and Ayurvedic Practitioner

“I have been listening to our calls from the Business Club again and I am amazed to experience how far we’ve all come as a group. I can hear in the Q&A we were little baby entrepreneurs last September…now, I am able to stay aware of attuning to the universal as it moves through me in action,even when I get stressed out over tech troubles or deadlines… You really helped me seat my career into my heart and I am experiencing amazing results. Money is flowing in a whole new easeful way now in my business, and I am enjoying myself so much more as I work on all the aspects of my business. Thank you Cate! Let me know when you offer the next chapter.” – Jessica Jennings, founder[/span12][/section]

[section title=”Hear for yourself from previous Business Course Graduates” style=”gray” class=”graduate”]


[section class=”course”][lead centered=”yes”]The Business Course fulfills two purposes:[/lead]
[span12][span1][icon size=”20″]icon-ok[/icon][/span1][span11]Improve your holistic heart-centric business skills, technology skills, and community building.[/span11][/span12]
[span12][span1][icon size=”20″]icon-ok[/icon][/span1][span11]Tap into the leading edge of the conversation on consciousness, health and your business.[/span11][/span12]

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Preview the Course


[lead centered=”no”]Yogahealer’s Business Course includes:[/lead]
[span12][span1][icon size=”20″]icon-ok[/icon][/span1][span11]2 webinar workshops a month for 7 months, 90 minutes.[/span11][/span12]
[span12][span1][icon size=”20″]icon-ok[/icon][/span1][span11]Audio version of webinars for easy download[/span11][/span12]
[span12][span1][icon size=”20″]icon-ok[/icon][/span1][span11]4-10 page Growthwork Workbook for each Webinar[/span11][/span12]
[span12][span1][icon size=”20″]icon-ok[/icon][/span1][span11]Access to guest speaker library[/span11][/span12]
[span12][span1][icon size=”20″]icon-ok[/icon][/span1][span11]Access to video library for 7 months. Download anytime for 7 months.[/span11][/span12]
[span12][span1][icon size=”20″]icon-ok[/icon][/span1][span11]Join the active YH Business Course Facebook private group with Cate monitoring.[/span11][/span12]
[span12][span1][icon size=”20″]icon-ok[/icon][/span1][span11]Monthly Office Hours for Q + A for 7 months[/span11][/span12][/span5]

[lead centered=”no”]Lessons include:[/lead]
[span12][span1][icon size=”20″]icon-ok[/icon][/span1][span11]Grow your vision[/span11][/span12]
[span12][span1][icon size=”20″]icon-ok[/icon][/span1][span11]Build a community around your vision[/span11][/span12]
[span12][span1][icon size=”20″]icon-ok[/icon][/span1][span11]Use technology to support your community[/span11][/span12]
[span12][span1][icon size=”20″]icon-ok[/icon][/span1][span11]Create products and courses[/span11][/span12]
[span12][span1][icon size=”20″]icon-ok[/icon][/span1][span11]Leverage your time and your income[/span11][/span12]
[span12][span1][icon size=”20″]icon-ok[/icon][/span1][span11]Support your vision with contractors[/span11][/span12]
[span12][span1][icon size=”20″]icon-ok[/icon][/span1][span11]Mesh your business into a network.[/span11][/span12][/span5][/row][/section]

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[section title=”Receive access to the Yogahealer Business Clubhouse + Private Facebook Group” class=”clubhouse”]
[span12][span3]bonus1[/span3][span9]You receive access to our workshops and guest speakers from the Business Clubhouse.
[lead centered=”no”]You can enroll today. Let’s grow your wellness business.[/lead][/span9][/span12]

[section title=”About Cate Stillman” style=”gray” class=”stillman”]
[span9][span12][span1][icon size=”20″] icon-star[/icon][/span1][span11]Cate’s has owned and operated her freedom business since 2001. She is respected as a leading voice in Ayurveda and Yoga, and living foods. From the seat of living an abundant life, Cate yearns to help other healers and teachers more effective, more lucrative, and more free to pursue expanded work.[/span11][/span12]

[span12][span1][icon size=”20″] icon-star[/icon][/span1][span11]Cate is a leader in the field of evolving our communities into vibrant health. She studied with the leading teachers in Ayurveda and Yoga over the past 15 years, and has a penchant for asking the deeper questions and synthesizing practical answers. She is devoted to upgrading the health of our culture through making wisdom teachings practical and effective… on the mat , in our kitchens, our gardens/yards, in our communities and ecosystems.[/span11][/span12]

[span12][span1][icon size=”20″] icon-star[/icon][/span1][span11] Cate’s solid background fuses traditional Ayurveda and Anusara yoga with Living Foods (a.k.a. Raw Foods), wild foods, and evolutionary enlightenment. She founded Yogahealer in 2001 teaching Ayurveda in Yoga Studios. Her vibrant health and deep wisdom teachers are John Friend, Dr. Lad, Craig Hamilton, and Sally Kempton and a handful of living foods gurus. Certified in Anusara Yoga and Ayurvedic Medicine Cate will bring the edge of the conversation from her Evolutionary Leadership work with Craig Hamilton into the Mentors Club.[/span11][/span12]

[span12][span1][icon size=”20″] icon-star[/icon][/span1][span11]Her business training includes training and coaching with Ali Brown and Jame Roche. She is coached by’s Naomi Dunford + Dave Navarro (the Launch Coach). She has also studied with Mark Fischer from the Heart of Business.[/span11][/span12]

[span12][span1][icon size=”20″] icon-star[/icon][/span1][span11] My mentors’ mistakes have saved me money and heartache. Knowing the reasoning that steered people’s failures and successes not only flattens my learning curve into a smooth highway, but it shakes my thinking up — and ideas begin to surface. Danielle LaPorte
There is an option to work in an Inner Circle with Cate[/span11][/span12]

[span12][span1][icon size=”20″] icon-star[/icon][/span1][span11]Perhaps you’re really ready to experience success at the next level… and you’re ready to invest in the experience. I”m taking a very small group – only 10 yoga teachers or healer – to help you transform your business at the next level. You’ll receive personal guidance, and personalized comments and emails, and simply you’ll be on my radar as someone who wants to play a bigger game within the vibrant health industry. I’ll help you succeed in your vision.[/span11][/span12]

[span12][span1][icon size=”20″] icon-star[/icon][/span1][span11]You’ll also be in a mastermind with only 5 other Inner Circle members. You’ll be able to lean in to experience a rapid clip of growth in your business. These smaller masterminds are where people get ahead quick.[/span11][/span12][/span9]