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Yogidetox Classes



Your Perfection Detector Yoga – level 2


Five Element Yoga Practice


4 Weeks of Workshops




Yoga Classes Audio

Level 1-2 yoga on perfection (90 min)

Learn from formerly obese Juice Feasting pro, Angela Stokes Monarch. Angela is co-host of the Raw Food World TV show and author of  “Raw Emotions”. She undertook a 92 day juice feast in 2006. In this call Cate asks Angela about her experiences in the path of detoxing. (52 min)

Valya Boutenko of the, author of “Fresh” and the teen alks with Cate about families eating healthy. Valya published her first book for teens, “Eating without Heating”, with her brother Sergei when they were 16 and 18 respectively. (60 min)

Interview with Carol Look. Tapping to transform addictions and engage your honest emotions during the Ygoidetox. (70 min)

Energy Intuitive Ann O’Brien ( gives practical exercises to clear old patterns and call back your energy during this potent call. (44 min)


Bonus Yoga Sessions