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Take your body and your practices to the next level of depth with two annual courses in April and October.

Body Thrive

Take up the habits to thrive in your body for a lifetime. Get ready for the next dimension of your life.

Eat Green Challenge

Learn how to eat green with Desiree Rumbaugh and Cate Stillman in just four weeks!

Young seedling growing in a soil.

Awake Living

Enjoy step-by-step guidance, innovative conversation, dynamic peer support, and specific instruction all in one place.

We’ll find out what sparks joy — where the life force is strong for you — and shift your day-to-day living into alignment with thrive.

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We offer a total of seven courses centered on Ayurveda. They’ll help you uplevel your inner-body health revolution with peer support and genius guidance.

Living Ayurveda

This nine-month course blends live and online experiences. Uplevel your inner-body health!

Healthier Hormones

Dr. Claudia Welch, author of “Balance Your Hormones,” created this course for our global Yoga community.

Healthier Kids

Learn about your kids’ constitutions and how to teach them to take care of their bodies.

Allergy Relief

This two-hour class teaches you how to clear your allergies for good.

Mama Birthing

Practical Ayurveda becomes crystal clear for modern, hip Yoga mamas and mamas to be.

Immune Building 101

This potent two-hour class will rock you into a better body rhythm and teach you to rebuild your immune integrity.

Wellness Career

We’ll show you how to accelerate the wellness evolution of your students and clients while doubling your income.

Yoga Health Coaching

Increase your income and uplevel your off-the-mat skills as a Yoga teacher or holistic expert by coaching Ayurveda habits.

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