I want you to remember the last time you felt great.

And, I mean…really great.

Seriously, on the scale from not good to good, from good to great, how are you scoring?
I’ll define good like this…

When you sprung out of bed in the morning, keen to start the day ahead. When food digested seamlessly. Energy was reliable, and you loved being in your body.

When every moment felt like you were thriving. When decisions came easily through body intuition.

Feeling awake and healthy in your body is a priceless experience.

What if you could feel this good every day?

In just a moment, you’re going to learn the secret to feeling the best you’ve ever felt.

I’ll give you a hint – it’s in the habits. Habits of radiance. Habits of longevity. Habits passed on from ancient times will help you thrive in the modern world. Habits that anyone adopts.

Sounds so simple, doesn’t it?

Simple or not – you’ll learn more about how to thrive in the first five minutes of this webinar than you ever thought possible.

Are you ready to learn the secret to making your BODY THRIVE?

Watch my Workshop on Peak Performance.
It’s my gift to help you make
every day a great day.

Dial in your peak performance and deep rejuvenation.

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“I loved this program… I feel better… My energy and mental state is much clearer, and I have better habits to keep on attending to. BODY THRIVE is amazing.”

Wendi Buick

What makes us feel out of sync, tired, burntout, heavy or stuck in a rut?

You see, the human body is the most sophisticated, sensitive technology on the planet . And it’s really easy to mess up your operating system. When you mess it up, each day is harder. Easeful living becomes further away. And out of sync, tired, and stuck becomes normal.

Our modern culture is working against your body, your mind and your spirit. Our foods have fewer nutrients. Our minds are occupied by screentime. Our senses are less and less in the natural world, which restores harmony to the body. 

Modern culture is packed with habits that work against you – like eating too late, going to bed too late, eating more frequently than your body can digest, rushing, the endless to-do list, to name a few.

Habits become normal, and the norm can be hard to change. It’s even harder if the people you spend time with also have conventional habits. 

Modern culture degenerates the body and the spirit – too much on the mind, and too much food in the body. The effect is depressing, inflammatory and makes you feel like life is harder than it needs to be.

And that is a tragedy.

It’s a tragedy because you could be feeling so much better. Right now.

You could compound better habits, easily. And better habits make you smarter, more capable, and leave you feeling radiant throughout your entire day. Every day.

And that, my friend, is an entirely better reality altogether. Is it possible for you? Read on.

Dr. Mark Hyman

“In BODY THRIVE, Cate Stillman expertly distills the time-tested and often complex wisdom of Ayurveda to provide succinct tools and practical daily habits to help modern humans experience extraordinary health–this is the next frontier of Ayurveda.”

Genell Vashro Huston

“The steps are pretty straight forward, not easy per say, but, with deep desire, the small, steady, practice and habit forming actions show transformative results. I am more aware of my patterns, my behaviors, and where I need to continue to show up to live the life I want to live. Thank you Cate!..”
For the past 20 years, hundreds of people wanting to thrive in their bodies have gathered here, with me, Cate at Yogahealer, to overcome their physical and mental challenges.

They wanted to truly thrive in their bodies and their lives. And to do that, they needed a modern solution.

The result was BODY THRIVE Coaching. A place where modern, busy humans, like you, are transformed into focused, fit, happier people.

What did 20 years of guiding groups to the habits of radiant longevity teach Cate?

The secret is in the group. When a group has the habits you want – it’s easier to adopt them. And not just for the time being, but to maintain those smarter habits for life.

Surrounded by guidance, care, and deep wisdom, alignment happens in real-time. And, unsurprisingly, it’s just more fun to evolve in a dynamic group than on your own.

The group compounds better habits. Once you see the results, and how it’s worked for other people, personal progress is no longer out of reach.

That’s BODY THRIVE. Where no personal goal is out of reach.

What sets Cate’s BODY THRIVE Group apart from other courses is the level of ongoing access to her and to the Live Coaches.

Imagine being coached live, week after week, for an entire year without needing to leave your home. You’ll be able to talk to a coach live every week and be with Cate’s group live at least every other week.

Or, if you’d rather simply listen after the live recording, on your own schedule, they are available within 24 hours.

And the results are life-changing.

Over a year of guidance, members receive a new outlook on life. Members report waking up every morning energized, feeling limber in their bodies, and aligned to a universal rhythm.

Your current body, emotions, and thinking will reflect your better habits.

But the real reward is the return of your true potential. If you want to live a powerful, purposeful life – there’s no better place than BODY THRIVE.

You can’t afford a life full of bad habits. Your human potential is begging to emerge. The time to thrive is now.

Members get results

You can expect

More consistent and better energy

Healthier body weight

Deeper sleep and nurturing habits

A better diet and a more streamlined way to nourish yourself

Watch the Peak Performance &
Deep Rejuvenation Workshop. Then, do a Body Goals Session.

You can feel great.

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5 Reasons to Watch the
Peak Performance for Workshop

You’ll regain control of your time.
You’ll design your body to be as fit or strong as you wish.
You’ll get to better understand, and love, your unique body.
You’ll adopt better focus and productivity habits.
You’ll be with people who have the habits you want, which greatly accelerates your progress.
Cate Stillman is the author of BODY THRIVE™, the founder of Yogahealer and Yoga Health Coaching, and a mom, wife, and avid paddleboard surfer, skier, and mountain biker. Her professional background is in Ayurvedic Medicine and Yoga Philosophy and Therapeutics.
Working with Cate, the results come quickly and easily – not only because people are waking up to the power of self-healing, yoga, and Ayurveda, but because Cate guides people to evolve their habits in real-time – to change their daily rhythms to fall in line with nature’s rhythms.
Yogahealer’s dynamic online community is the evolving edge of an ancient-meets-innovative approach. This is why so many healers, holistic practitioners, yoga teachers, exercise physiologists, nurses, doctors, bodyworkers, personal trainers, nutritionists, and other wellness professionals choose to study with us and become part of our global course member community – as well as people just looking to thrive in their bodies in real-time…
Jamie Lynn Worster

“After BODY THRIVE, I have more energy, a more loving, kind relationship with myself, a cleaner diet, self integrity and a community of peeps who are heading down the same path.

It’s amazing! I feel the process continue to fine tune my daily rhythms. So grateful for this tribe…”

Jacob Metzger

“BODY THRIVE..has healed me from the inside out (wish I had pictures of my tongue 4 months ago..), emotionally energetically physically, and spiritually, and has set me on a path to evolved connectedness and mindfulness, not only for myself but for the world.

Body thrive has literally changed everything. Cate. Is. A. Badass….”

Tamsin Astor

“Following self-imposed rules felt like a tough sell, even though my mind and body were not at their best. The spectacular revelation for me and my clients was the effect of freedom due to these habits.

We have more time to think, work, and play and are able to do it with so much more clarity, energy and stability as a result of sleeping well, eating well, and being totally engaged and present in our lives!…”

If today is medicore, time is slipping through your hands. Seize today to make tomorrow better.

Start with my Peak Performance Workshop. It’s a gift to get you on track with your better tomorrow.

Dial-in your peak performance and deep rejuvenation.

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“I feel like my whole present existence has become a laboratory. Everything is connected. I am sensing the brilliance of the way this course is laid out: starting with earlier lighter dinners makes me want to go to bed early which makes me wake up earlier which gives me time to journal and meditate and hydrate and breathe…”

Jenny Faulkner Campbell

What would it take to make next year, your best year?

You’ve made it this far because you are investing time to learn about your potential and the potential of your body and mind.
Every story you read from a Yogahealer member started with the free workshop,
a window into choosing Cate as your guide.

These results are possible for you.

Within a single year, our members adopt the habits of radiant longevity. And these habits not only stick around, but they also become a way of life within a year’s time.

Halfway through the course, you will have already gotten a taste of your new life. By the second half, these habits will be ingrained in you being done effortlessly.

Remember, health and happiness spread. From our community to you, to your relationships, families, and even friendships… People want to be around positive radiance. You can be that person.

Above all, Cate’s BODY THRIVE course is seriously fun. What’s it like to be surrounded by this positivity? You’ll be amazed when you see your transformation.

Ten years from now, this investment will continue to pay off.

And the experience of feeling good in your body and mind – priceless.


Free for All Workshop Attendees.

Workshop attendees are invited to a free Body Goals Session with a Yogahealer Coach. This is your chance to, either via phone or web conference, talk to someone about your body goals, your current challenges, and your current strategies to reach your goals.

Yes, it’s truly a complimentary session.

Based on your unique desires and skills, we’ll customize a plan that works for you – at no cost! And if we can help you reach your goals, we’ll tell you the exact steps to take. From there, we’ll point you to free or paid membership solutions.

But you’ll have to attend the free workshop to prepare.

Cate’s Guidance is easier,
and more fun than you can imagine.

This is your last chance to view Cate’s Peak Performance workshop and get your Bonus Body Goals Session – both absolutely Free.
Isn’t it time you give yourself the advantage and unburden yourself with the dreaded “what’s next?”

This short workshop might be the most essential time investment you encounter this year.