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Expanding our global community of people who want to thrive in their bodies and achieve their life goals.


Who are we and what is our mission?

At Yogahealer our mission is to expand our global community of people who want to thrive in their bodies and achieve their life goals.

We know that feeling great, living on purpose and leaning into the edge of your potential matters most.

We lead by example. We lead through our powerful engaging course curriculums. And we lead by developing powerful course member communities and conversations.

Who is Yogahealer?

You found us – a community of thrivers.

Yogahealer… where normal people get rewilded, on point, en pointe, and future-focused…. and awaken to easeful living…. and discover the tools of collaborative intelligence…. and experience the power of community-driven smart habits.

Welcome. We ride the edge of ancient and innovative wisdom.

We orient towards thrive. We radically experiment.
We turn smart habits into rituals.

We create the future by living on purpose, in potential.
We’re glad you found us.

Who is Cate?

Cate founded Yogahealer in 2001 as an avant-garde dialogue in ancient wisdom for modern humans. The Yogahealer community has depth, span and breadth. Over 20 years, Cate Stillman has corralled the conversation towards relevance, resilience, rewilding, rewiring & results for modern humans to thrive in their bodies and achieve their life goals.

Cate is an evolutionary thought leader, global tribe builder and author in the field of rewilding humans, orienting towards meaning and purpose, and getting deeply invested in life.

Cate developed the course curriculums and mentoring community for Body Thrive, Master of You, Living Ayurveda Course and Yoga Health Coaching.
Cate splits her time between the mountains in Teton Valley, Wyoming and Punta Mita, Mexico. She is an avid mountain biker, skier and surfer, and mother of 1.

Interviews with Cate

What makes us effective?

We know your daily habits shape everything from your personality to your thinking to your ability to succeed in your life. Our course curriculums and community is grounded in Ayurvedic wisdom, yoga philosophy, design thinking, liberating structures, and collaborative intelligence.

We also work with business and social leaders on systems for success with their missions.

By understanding the whole person and multidimentional goals and holistic systems of success… our members THRIVE!

Cate’s Profile

My interest in Ayurveda came from prior work in global warming politics and economics. Since my teen years, I’ve been aware of planetary ecological distress and human disconnect from thriving in our bodies and with our Earth. After working in Washington, D.C. for an energy and climate non-profit, I realized that I needed to know more about humans and consciousness.

Why were some humans more aware and full of care regarding the bigger issues? How could the decision-makers at the big corporations not give a flying *&^# about the mess they were leaving in their wake?

The search for why certain people were more evolved than others coupled with my passion for our planetary thrive drove me straight and fast into Ayurveda, Yoga and human potential studies.

As Yogahealer grew, I grew as a CEO in business strategy, online teams, design thinking, collaborative leadership and collective intelligence, and micro culture design. Basically, we evolve faster together. It’s that simple. Yogahealer is innovative, effective and on the edge of systems that guide people into thriving in their ecosystems, and with the planet.


Do your dreams. Now.

You have multi-dimensional life goals. You must live your purpose or this life will be less satisfying. You are here to do hard, good things. A life driven by meaning, purpose and fueled by thrive. Habits to thrive. Habits that are rituals.

You own the most evolved technology… and it’s time to move in. All in. All in on your body thriving, and life mastery. Operate the digs of you with mastery. The technology of your human being-ness demands that. At least that.

And when you do, your life becomes exquisite. Your impact, tangible. Your future, focused. If we can help you reach your goals, we’ll let you know how.