The Living Ayurveda Course

with Cate Stillman

Clean up Your Inner Temple to Infuse Your Outer Sparkle & Trade up Your Daily Habits so
You Can Easily Take Control of Your Life


Cate founded in 2001, Yoga Health Coaching in 2012 and author of the amazon's best selling Ayurveda books: Body Thrive.

For the past decade, Cate Stillman has led a group through the nine month journey to living Ayurveda in daily life. Her members get better results faster every year. She is an innovator of dynamic online communities aiming for exponential evolution. If you don't know what that is - you'll find out if you qualify for the journey. 

For the past 9 years, Cate Stillman has led a group through a nine-month journey to living Ayurveda in daily life. 

  • We unclog our body + clean up the temple.
  • We get our temples running on the right schedule, at the right rhythm so they sparkle.
  • We have more time in our day because we’ve streamlined our biorhythms.
  • We declutter our homes and our lives and open up the field of living in a clarified space.
  • We own the power of our own constitution.
  • Our mind hits a new level of focus and mental capacity.
  • Our relationships become more connected, so we experience the next level of interconnectivity and co-creativity.
  • Our energy deepens and stabilizes at a level of steady rich capacity.
  • Our intuition is revealed. We make smarter choices that lead to joy, ease, and love.
  • Our inner joy becomes our operating emotion.

Thrive with the practical, modern wisdom of Living Ayurveda.

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Living Ayurveda balances an M.D. mom's busy life + working schedule

"Learning the principles of Ayurveda changed my perspective on health and disease 180 degrees! As an OB/Gyn, I go to the kitchen now instead of the medicine cabinet to treat myself, my family and friends, and even my patients."

Dr. Beth Claxton:  Pro Healer Path

When Dr. Beth started Living Ayurveda she was already a gynecologist, a mindfulness teacher and a Yoga Health Coach, not to mention a single mom with 2 daughters at home. 

Dr. Beth wanted a deeper understanding of Ayurvedic pathogenesis in a way that would serve herself, her daughters and her patients.

Being in LAC fundamentally evolved her personal self care, her daughters wellness wisdom, and is deeply evolving her career as a gynecologist. 

From Chronic Fatigue to Dynamic Energy

Lynn Taylor -  Self Healer Path

When Lynn began the Living Ayurveda Course she was truly suffering. 10 years of chronic fatigue and a 2 year struggle of fibromyalgia plagued her. 

Two years later Lynn is disease free. She has reliable strong energy levels. She has automated the habits to thrive as she ages.

Lynn then stepped into the Pro Healer path with Ayurveda as a Yoga Health Coach. Now she serves our community as a YHC Mentor to new member coaches. 

Inspiring Her Community with Ayurveda

Rachel Peters:   Family Healer Path

When Rachel started Living Ayurveda she was working in a job she no longer liked. She wanted to start her family. She loved yoga and knew she needed to learn Ayurveda.

Now Rachel has an almost 2 year old she conceived and is raising with the basic wisdom of Ayurveda. She has never felt more balanced in body, mind and spirit. She inspires the mothers in her community.

Aligning your biorhythms, sync with Nature.

Anne Townend-Duffey, Maine

LAC awakened within me the practice of dinacharya, daily rhythms of self care in sync with nature. 

Ayurveda is so deep, rich and yet natural and elegant. 

I've shared a lot of these teachings with my yoga students.

Jana Dunn

Self Healer Path

Jana came to Living Ayurveda as her health was costing her her joy. With two kids in primary she wanted energy. But her chronic immune issues plagued her ability to parent the way she wanted to.

One year later her health issues have abated more than 80%. She found a community that embraces her and fuels her personal evolution. She has energy to be the kind of mom she wants to be. 

Replenishing Joy for an Exhausted Mother

Dawn Lane + Stair Calhoun 

Family Healers Path

Dawn (cool shades) is helping her daughters and grandson optimize their habits. When she joined Living Ayurveda she felt chaotic, ungrounded and fundamentally insecure. Through Living Ayurveda she stepped into her personal power, which is now spreading through her family. 

Stair Calhoun (cute dimple) is also passing on the evolution of her family wellness wisdom through her own experience onto her kids and grandkids.

Grandmothers who pass on deep wisdom

Now is THE TIME to apply.

Here is the scoop:

Each year I take 100 new members into Living Ayurveda. In order to learn Ayurveda - to empower your constitution, to optimize your metabolism, to uplevel your learning space, you need to first clean your inner temple.

So, if I can get you to do that before we begin Living AYurveda next September - all the better for both of us. That way - you can learn much faster, much deeper. You'll have already cleared away the funk, removed any junk from your trunk, and be ready to rock.

Now is the time to apply. Its the best deal and the most supportive experience. Are you ready to play your a-game?

We are. Apply below. After you apply, you'll schedule your interview conversation. Which is a treat and a blast and something to look forward to. 

If you apply and you're not ready to join us - we'll send you more free resources to keep your interest in Ayurveda + your evolution stoked.

Space is limited. This course sells out. 

So don't miss out sing up today! 

Living Ayurveda Time-Tested Results:

Space is limited. This course sells out.

Our 9-month journey of Living Ayurveda Course... our members consistently report:

  • "I'm more conscious of what foods are good for me".

  • "I'm taking better care of my body".

  • "I better understand what helps my body thrive".

  • "I  feel younger and lighter".

  • "Ayurveda makes more sense to me now".

  • "I'm becoming a wellness resource for my yoga students".

  • "I'm taking better care of my family".

Inspire + educate your core peeps

I've become a wellness resource for my friends & developing a growing awareness of the connections between macrocosm & microcosm. I'm seeing the spiritual dimension of ayurveda. 

Sonia Gaumont: Pro Healer Paris

Raise Your Kids with Enlightened Body Habits

Anna Berkelmans - Australia

Family + Pro Healer Path

LAC has rekindled my passion and confidence to be my best self and continue to evolve with a bigger picture perspective. I have 3 children at home  - I'm so glad I was a member in Living Ayurveda when they were young!

I believe the LAC course is unique in that it empowers you to become a living disciple of Ayurveda, it empowers one to apply the knowledge in simple and practical methods.

Now I'm a Living Ayurveda Course Assistant and I love helping new members step into their potential!

"Living Ayurveda changed how I lived."

Lisa Souba - Bozeman, MT

For me personally, LAC changed how I live. It helped me answer the question "how is it so" in my own healing process so I could make the necessary changes in my daily living to create more balance where there was imbalance. 

Professionally, as a Massage Therapist and Yoga Teacher, it has helped me recognize imbalances in my client's/student's and provide recommendations so they can have a more balanced body

Move beyond your old habits, become a new person

Jean Lee, NH

This course will change the trajectory of your life. It is still an everyday process but you learn to live in health and move beyond thought patterns and habits that we have so grown to believe. You will become a new person.

"My family's life revolves around good health and lifestyle choices."

Lisabeth Robinson

My family's life revolves around good health and lifestyle choices. It's

so gratifying to be raising a gorgeous, healthy, and AWARE teen. The best gift I could give her was to model great self care .

You will Have the Support + Guidance
of our Living Ayurveda Course
Mentors + Coaches

Space is limited. This course sells out.

Space is limited. This course sells out.