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Cleanse FAQ

Detox with Cate FAQ’s

Why do people cleanse? (What are some of the benefits I can expect from cleansing?) You will:

  • Slow down and attune to your inner rhythm.
  • Drop excess weight (if you carry weight)
  • Allieviate Allergies
  • Allieviate Depression
  • Become naturally clear and motivated
  • Get on board with your Potential & Inner Clarity
  • Upgrade your immune system
  • Cleanse your blood; lower your cholesterol
  • Shift your family/household eating patterns into eating simple whole foods.
  • Crave the foods that optimize your body and mind

Why do Yogis cleanse?

Yogis cleanse specifically to:

  • eliminate the seasonal accumulation of the doshas and ama. Ama is the residue of food that hasn’t been well digested, becomes absorbed into your lymph and blood, and coagulates in your joints, making you stiff upon arising.
  • shift their awareness more deeply into the subtle body
  • improve their overall experience of bliss in the everyday waking state.
  • to lighten the body and mind
  • deepen their experience of freedom of movement. After a few days of cleansing movement in the body becomes much easier, and the world of yoga asana opens. Literally, when waste isn’t blocking the movement of prana into cells, ecstatic movement becomes readily available.

[audio:Channels.mp3 | titles=Body as Channels (nadis)]
Listen to “Bodies as Channels”

How does cleansing work?
When we lighten our diet the body naturally directs the energy that normally goes to digestion and shifts it to house cleaning. While we often feel lower energy while cleansing, our extra energy is being used to move, remove and digest toxins and ama from deeper tissue of the body.

Simply eating considerably less food and more alkaline foods (fruits and vegetables) begins the process of redirecting energy (that would ordinarily go to digesting food) to digesting toxins (undigested food or ama) stored in deeper bodily tissue.

What should I invest in a cleanse with you, as opposed to doing one on my own?

My cleanse courses emphasize waking up the innate intelligence of your body and mind. I guide you with structure and intuition. You will learn from a holistic theoretical system and get direct experiences of your body becoming more intelligent. There are two main components I employ:  (1) choosing cleansing foods and spices that are available locally, and (2) lifestyle changes. Upon leaving a cleanse course with me you will crave high nutrient simple foods that are seasonally appropriate for your climate.
Other particular reasons for working with me are:

  • I will give you tools for helping your family shift as well as you.
  • I teach to all levels, from beginners to very experienced yogis. For those looking to deepen their yoga philosophy and experience of inner body anatomy, this is a unique opportunity.
  • I invite you to orient towards local foods and wild foods.
  • I orient your towards simple solutions and homemade options as opposed to expensive manufactured products


Can you give me an approximate cost for the supplies/menu for the 2 weeks?
The costs vary. You will probably spend somewhere between $30 – $150. If you choose to purchase supplements, the cost will be higher. It doesn’t have to be expensive.

Will I need to spend a lot of money on supplements?
Supplements are optional. I make a few optional products that cost around $10-$20 each.

Will the foods during the cleanse cost a lot of money?
Most people save money during the cleanse, because the cost of whole foods is generally less than that of pre-packaged foods. Those choosing the juice fast may spend considerably more, due to the large quantities of fresh vegetables required. You can get everything locally, with an option to mail order some herbs for me.

Do I need a juicer to participate?
You don’t need a juicer, but juicing is a great option. Try borrowing a juicer from a friend, and see if you like it.

Do I need any special computer skills or software to download the classes?
All you need is the ability to download an mp3 file.

What’s Involved…

What foods does the cleanse focus on or eliminate?
The cleanse unique to each individual. It is designed to eliminate that which is no longer serving you or keeping you stuck in old patterns. Frequently, connections are made between mental patterns, emotional patterns and cravings. The cleanse attunes you to seasonal eating so as you emerge, you crave that which is seasonal, local, and good for your constitution. You peel the layers (physical, mental, emotional) away and emerge conscious of being spirit in a body. The desire to keep your channels (srotas) clear and open is natural, when the innate intelligence has been awakened.

How long is the cleanse?
Beginners will do a pre-cleanse for a few days, eliminating addictive substances, then cleanse for about 5 days, and have a few days to emerge. More advanced cleansers may cleanse for all 3 weeks. Any amount of time in between is also an option.

How do I know which version of the cleanse is right for me?

During the pre-cleanse call we will go through the various options and you will discover what you are drawn towards at this time. You have the option of posting questions on our online forum after the first pre-cleanse call to help you clarify. If you’re still not sure, you have the option of doing a 1/2 hour phone consultation with me for an additional fee of $65.

Is yoga part of the cleanse?

You will have access to downloadable yoga classes for five days. You may do these classes as often as you like, during or after the cleanse.

What can I expect to eat on the typical day?

The cleanse is different for each person. Some will do a mix of juicing and fasting. Others will eat a simple whole foods diet of vegetables, rice and mung beans.

Can I work during the cleanse?

In a perfect world, we would all go away on retreat to cleanse. But, this isn’t a perfect world, and most of us have jobs, kids and families to take care of. Most people continue their normal work schedules during the cleanse, and do just fine. About half of the cleansers report an increase in energy!

Can I continue my regular exercise program during the cleanse?

Some people have more energy and exercise more than normal during the cleanse. This is typical of Kapha Prakuti types. Vata types generally find they are drawn to more nourishing activities like walking and yoga. Pittas may go either way, though in general their drive keeps them quite active. I generally find that cleansing initiates a more reflective quality of the mind and the desire to train hard is replaced by a desire to simply be. Most people who have a race after a cleanse find themselves strong and ready despite having trained less during the cleanse. This would be due to having less ama in their body and mind, and being more in the zone and more deeply nourished for the task at hand.

Will I need to stay near the bathroom all day?
In general, I teach cleansing as a longer term process of releasing old patterns. Some students may be advised to use laxative and even purgative herbs during certain phases of the cleanse. Purgative herbs are what people are referring to when they inquire about needing to stay near a toilet all day. For those who don’t have that luxury and are advised to purge once during the cleanse, I’ll have you do it in the evening. You may wake up once or twice throughout the night to go to the bathroom.

Will the cleanse help to lower cholesterol levels?

I’ve had few clients test their cholesterol before and after the cleanse with excellent results. I can offer you a ½ hour consult before or during to address the cause specifically.


I don’t live near you. Will I reap the same benefits as those doing the program in person?

While doing the program in person is super fun, those participating remotely report just as much success as the locals. Online cleansers included.

I have at least 3 people interested in doing it as a kula.  What would the next step be?  What’s involved in this, and how is it different than doing it individually?

Your group can register online or by mailing a check. Send me an email with the names & email addresses, and we’ll have you all registered.

The difference in being a kula cleanse leader is you get a little additional support for helping organize others. You aren’t in charge of guiding their cleanses, but you serve as an inspiration to organize your community into a lifestyle supported by conscious alignment to Nature.