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Dharma Workshop

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Welcome. I’m glad you’re making Dharma your top priority. Let’s get started.

This 90-minutes workshop is very timely as we try to reinvent ourselves for the New Year. Dharma invites you to align, to grow, to change.

Listen to the Dharma Workshop + Learn:The Dharma Workshop - Free yoga

  • Cate’s simple process for stepping into the next phase of your dharma.
  • How to build the Simple Dharma Habit into your daily routine for massive transformation.
  • The 12 questions to ask yourself to accelerate your dharma evolution.

3 Steps to make the most of this powerful workshop:


  1. Schedule 90 minutes to take the workshop. Put it in your calendar to do within the next 48 hours.
  2. Print your worksheets.
  3. Download the audio onto your phone or mp3 player.


The Dharma Workshop


After the Workshop:

After a powerful experience like the Dharma Workshop, often people ask me how they can show their appreciation. If you found the Dharma Workshop helpful or transformational and want to give back, the best way is to share the workshop with a friend, with your facebook friends, or with your students/clients. I’d really appreciate any sharing you find may help others in your inner circles.

The best way to share is to send or post this link for others to take the workshop: This way, your friends can opt-in to the process and we can get them appropriately ready to take the workshop. Otherwise, just sending friends to this page can be a disservice, as they won’t receive the warm-up experience or schedule the time to take it.

Also, I would love to hear about your initial and your ongoing experience on the Yogahealer Facebook page: If you are looking for a Dharma Accountability Partner, go ahead and post on the Facebook page and chances are someone will want to partner up with you!

On the Facebook page, tell me:

  1. Who you are becoming
  2. How working with the Daily Dharma Habit is improving your life.Cate-podcast-150x150

Thank you. And wishing us all a powerful journey, individually and collectively, into the next phase of our dharma.

With love,

Cate Stillman