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Eat Green Challenge



Struggle with attuning to your optimal weight?

Hope that supplements are filling in the gaps in your diet?

Prepare foods that make other people happy… but don’t really serve your highest body wisdom?

If you’re having ANY of these experiences… so did we!

We, Cate and Desiree, both found ourselves, despite years of yoga training, in a basic struggle with our bodies. We know now that everybody’s bodies are in either a process of evolution or a process of destruction.
We teach a deeply cooperative method of collaborating awareness with body and mind. We embrace a fun and dynamic approach of adding in instead of taking out. Deprivation is so ’80′s. We have a blast in our bodies and LOVE what we eat. And we Eat Green.
We also know that it takes REAL SUPPORT to make any lasting change.

You know you are what you eat. You know food deeply affects how your body feels, how your emotional body feels, and even the thoughts that are generated in your mind.You can easily look back over the decades of your life and see how your diet has evolved.

You know your diet is evolving. You know it’s becoming increasingly important to eat healthy foods. There is a lot of information out there to navigate exactly what this means. You want to make the best choices to live the most awake and healthy life you are capable of. You don’t want to be taken down by your genetic disease tendencies … or by a lifetime of less-than-optimal food choices.

You know that culture, family and friends aren’t propelling your dietary evolution. It’s challenging to make the best choices… especially the best food choices. The best choices for your emerging future potential body often aren’t in line with what everyone else is eating or drinking. You don’t want to rock the boat… but you do want to take the best care of yourself (& your family).

How do we optimize our bodies for the future?

We have learned through our bodies and our practices how to transition from the Standard American Diet to the Diet of Our Future Potential. We both know that diet is a complex evolving process that involves deep personal inquiry. We both want to put you in charge of your body and give you the support and guidance required for a deep exploration and fundamental breakthrough.

Don’t just get by. Choose to Thrive.

This doesn’t occur randomly. You are making decisions everyday which determine how you feel tomorrow, and how you feel in 10 years. It’s time to take your body to the next level of thrive.

This is the heart of the Eat Green Challenge.

We’ve designed a succinct 4 week program that guarantees a full evolution of your body. You will lean into yourfuture body potential and make real and lasting changes in a brief period of time. You are in the driver’s seat. We guide and support your evolution from the inside out and the outside in.

This is a unique opportunity to learn from 2 yoga professionals on what the future of a Prana-ful awake diet looks like… and how to integrate it into a modern and family life. Awakening your body as an experiment station and leaning into your personal inquiry, you will emerge from Eat Green with well-honed personal rhythms aligned to what you want your body to become.

In 30 days with Desiree & Cate, you will turn over a new leaf with a plant-based diet and species diversification.

GREEN your diet for more real energy, at any age!

Love yourself enough to make better food choices.

Build an authentic relationship with your body, and learn how to your body first in all circumstances.

Listen as Cate & Desiree discuss how to

Presence your future body.

Become the Captain of your Ship.

Shift from the Information Age diet into the Space Age Diet.

Get our top tips for how we Eat Green in our full modern lives.


What do I  Get?

4 Live Teleconference Calls. All recorded and ready for download.

The calls are ready for download so you can listen in whenever you like.

Desiree’s Eat Green Recipe E-Book.

Desiree shares her favorite recipes that enabled her to transition to a body of light. Desiree travels to various continents each month to teach yoga at a world class level. Learn how she puts her body first as she gracefully eats around the globe.

Cateʼs Eat Wild Green E-Booklet.

Cate eats wild foods year round for optimal and local superfood nutrition. Use Cateʼs recipes to diversify your diet and get practical tips for feeding your family.

Facebook Group to connect with the Eat Green Challenge Members.

We know how important connection and community is around creating our food body. The reason most of us have trouble making and maintaining a huge breakthrough is that our family or peer group is a step or two behind our body’s desire for evolving health. We are providing our group with a place to connect, to ask questions, to build an emerging culture.

From The Eat Green Grads…

Desiree and Cate on the Eat Green Challenge

The call today was super helpful as well. I love the combination of acceptance/understanding of where we are and where we’ve been, encouragement to really tune in to what works/doesn’t work for us as individuals and the specific tools/recipes/challenges for evolving.

About Us

Cate Stillman

Cate Stillman founded Yogahealer in 2001 to bring a practical living wisdom approach to the ancient teachings of Ayurveda.

Cate leads Living Foods Ayurveda detoxes to all levels of students. Teaching online Ayurvedic education to yoga students worldwide, Cate has a penchant for helping families align to Nature’s rhythms. Cate guides even the most stuck people into vibrant health and eating green. If you’re interested in Yoga and Ayurveda, you probably want effective, practical life skills for vibrant health and an awake life.And you probably want more than that. You know you’re ultimately in charge of your health and your family’s health. You want to live closer to the Earth with your awareness centered in the Cosmos.

You want to keep learning and growing until you die and make a difference with what you know Now. You want to be connected with people who are vibrant, awake and evolving. You want to declutter your life, refine your rhythms, and not get bogged down by dogma on the journey. You want to know what to ingest from the wisdom tradition of Ayurveda… and what cultural baggage from India and the 20th century to leave behind. You want an evolving approach to enlightenment… not just the samadhi of the past. You want good, practical information that makes an impact of how you feel, what you do, and what you think and talk about and ultimately how you show up in the world!

Desiree Rumbaugh is a world class yoga teacher of the highest standard.

Absolutely curious about the body’s potential, Desiree has learned from within how to eat in align with vibrant energy. She wants to share the “secrets” of getting older without getting heavier. Desiree teaches with a sense of humor balanced with a quest for authenticity. Most surprising about her teaching is her ability to tap into the student’s vulnerable spaces.

Her unique ability to draw out the bright and shining light from within every student, no matter what level of yoga experience, is her gift to the world. All this comes from a lifetime of experience with the most extremes of emotions and tragedy, which have increased her compassion and strengthened her purpose of helping others. After more than twenty years of practice, including having earned teaching certifications in both Iyengar yoga and Anusara yoga, Desirée continues to live her passion for yoga every day. Desirée has an astoundingly full teaching schedule, traveling throughout the U.S. and abroad.

Desiree Rumbaugh

Your investment: Only $97.

Desiree and Cate are thrilled to offer you our course for less than $100. That means under $25 per session to evolve how you will age. You are making an inexpensive longterm healthcare investment.

Register for THE Eat Green Challenge

The Bonus

Receive Cate’s not-yet-released Body Thrive mp3 Meditation CD. These 10 meditations are the heart of awakening your subtle body anatomy to awaken your Body Thrive potential. You’ll receive access by the day after you sign up to download or access online your Body Thrive Meditations!

Got Questions

Get answers by clicking on the frequently asked questions below. Remember that our community will be available throughout the Eat Green Challenge to keep a rich Q&A dialogue going.
Is this an e-course?

Yes – it’s all downloadable. Our facebook forum is live to support your process during your Eat Green Challenge. There are no live calls with us.

Does it work?

Yes! Our students report a remarkably healthier diet after their 1 month experiment.

Is it all raw foods?

No! You can do it all raw if you want, and we have great recipes. However, there are lots of cooked food recipes. You can make the changes that don’t feel outrageous to you and that fit into your current life! We won’t stress you out, but we will open gateways of opportunity for you to step into your better body.

My experience of doing the Living soups and Juices with Cate Stillman, The YogaHealer, led to an amazing break through. I have been troubled with hot flashes for the past 6 years. I have been going to weekly acupuncture sessions and taking Chinese herbal supplements but still experienced these pesky flashes as I went to bed at night. Let’s say it can really cramp your style with your romantic partner when you cannot stand to be touched a least an hour after getting into bed!!!

After going on the Living Foods and Soups cleanse with Cate, eating my main meal in the afternoon and just light soups or juices at night, I began to sleep better and the flashes disappeared!! Holy Hot Flashes, Bat Man!! I was completely blown away. If I stray from the schedule of eating earlier and lighter at night and add a glass of wine, the flashes come back. The sad news is that I love a glass of good wine now and then and I have had to cut back on this lovely indulgence.

The other good news is that I have dropped 8 pounds without any effort at all.

Since coming off the cleanse I have listened to Cate’s advise and have kept 80% of my eating habits learned on the cleanse and have allowed myself 20-30% of the foods I gave up (pasta, bread, grains, chocolate, anything with flour and sugar, fish and tofu).

Cate, this cleanse has changed my life. My partner joined me and has lost over 10 pounds by just juicing and having living soups at night. She indulges in her favorite foods during the day and enjoys eating out a couple of meals a week.

This particular cleanse had a bit of a learning curve to it. It involved changing the way I shopped and reorganizing my kitchen. Once you get the hang of it, meal time preparations become very simple not to mention quick clean ups.
My partner and I can’t thank you enough!!!!
Much love,
Jackie, yoga teacher, NYC