Are your hormones out of whack?


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Signs your hormones are out of whack:

Your mood swings like a grandfather clock.

You can't think clearly.

You're tired of being tired.

You're packing extra pounds.

You're on hormonal medication for symptoms.

Your mind is proving unreliable.

You worry too much.

You toss and turn in bed.

You get irritable or really pissed. 

You get headaches. 

You body sweats out toxins with hot flashes or night sweats.

You breasts hurt with PMS.

You're afraid your menopause journey will be horrible.

Do you know how to
make your hormone's work better?

You want a better understanding of how your body works.

You want to get a grip on your stress or anxiety.

You don't want to be irritable. 

You're interested in the ancient wisdom from Yoga + Ayurveda

You want to be lithe and strong as you age.

You want to end the unhealthy cravings.

You want deeper sleep.

You want easy periods or an easeful menopause.

You want to be an empowered woman, empowered with body wisdom.

Do you commonly feel anxiety, stress or worry for no particular reason?

Do you experience any of the following symptoms associated with your menstrual cycle: headaches, mood swings, acne, bloating, constipation, heavy or scanty bleeding, painful cramping, irregular periods, pain at ovulation or bleeding between cycles?

Do you use synthetic hormone therapy of ANY kind, like birth control pills, thyroid medication, fertility drugs, or hormone replacement therapy for menopausal symptoms?

Do you have hot flashes, insomnia, heart palpitations, accelerated heartbeat, thyroid trouble of any kind, low immunity, infertility, heart disease , osteoporosis, cancer, diabetes, adrenal burnout, or endocrine disorders?

If you answered YES to even ONE of these questions, it is likely your hormonal balance is affected.  

If your hormonal balance is affected, chances are it won’t self-correct unless you make some serious changes. When your hormonal imbalance deepens you’re walking the path of disease. 

You want to really understand what is going on in your body, in your hormones, and take control over how your feel.

You CAN understand + optimize your body's sex hormones + stress hormones.

When you understand your hormones, 

you can thrive!

Once you know what is wreaking havoc in your hormones you can make changes. Ayurvedic medicine has a more subtle, energetic perspective than western medicine. It's much easier to piece together your symptoms into a coherent pattern.

As you discover your Ayurvedic imbalance pattern, you intrinsically know you're on the right track. You also know how you got there, and what you need to do to reverse it.

As you learn what is going on under your skin, you'll intuitively feel more connected to reversing the imbalances.

You'll also feel empowered to take the right actions, from deep Ayurvedic wisdom, to bring your hormones into harmony with the life you want to life.

Discover why YOU have these symptoms
 what to do to change YOUR life

Join our Healthier Hormones Course + Community
for women to understand their hormones through Ayurveda, Yoga + Chinese Medicine

Taught by
Dr. Claudia Welch

Hosted by
Cate Stillman

Cate Stillman is an Ayurvedic Practitioner and founder of Yoga Health Coaching. She published Body Thrive in 2015. 

Dr. Claudia Welch is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, an Ayurvedic practitioner and educator. She published Balance Your Hormones, Balance Your Life in 2011, and How the Art of Medicine Makes the Science More Effective in 2015. 

The 6 Week Holistic Hormones
Course + Lifetime Community

6 lessons to understand your hormones 

our online community to make the changes to feel great!

How mens and women's hormonal health is different - and why you might have had limited success with balancing your hormones. Troubleshoot the habits you started in Lesson 1. Get to bottom of why you make be making poor decisions later in the day and get the tools to set yourself up for success.

Lesson 1

We tap into the potential of our subtle body systems to optimize our hormonal flows and deep energy. You'll get a tour through the channel system of the mind, which are rooted in the heart. You'll put together, at a deeper level of understanding , the 2 main energy flows (Ida and Pingala) and deep hormonal harmony.

Lesson 2

Now that you get the Yin + Yang of your hormonal regulation you'll see how even low level stress in your life can suck the resources from your sex hormones. If you want to enjoy your body for a lifetime you'll find this lecture particularly helpful. 

We also address menstrual disorders, hormonal medications, building ojas  -or deep immune strength, yogic breathing and hormone balancing, taking herbs, and  difficult periods and castor oil packs.

Lesson 3

How to take charge of your hormonal health. You'll start with a yogic breathing practice for hormonal balance. You'll learn which daily habits from Ayurveda to adopt first on the road to well being. You will  optimize your mornings to work on the deepest level of restoring harmony to your body's hormones.

Lesson 4

Go deeper into what causes energy imbalances, weight imbalances, thyroid imbalances, and adrenal imbalances. You'll also have a different perspective on feminine ambition. You'll dial in the key distinctions of Brmhana and Langhana measures - and how to adjust your life to meet the currents needs of your body.

Lesson 5

Get the basic system for understanding what causes imbalances in your Estrogen, Progesterone, Oxytocin & Cortisol. You'll get the basics from both Chinese Medicine + Ayurveda. This is the week of big "Aha's!" where you start to understand the nature of your imbalances.

Lesson 6

6 Recorded Lessons to Digest Weekly.

Sign up now, get yourself instant access into the Course. The course includes a live Q & A session. Once you register, you become a member of the Healthier Hormones FaceBook Group. You can retake the course with a group each year to go deeper into understanding your body and optimizing your hormones.

A six-week deep exploration of your physiology and next health breakthrough.

Plus straight forward guidance in every session, and information to inspire.

Exclusive Healthier Hormones Facebook Fanpage for our community to connect & evolve.

All of the audio sessions are recorded and available right after you register.

Dr Claudia Welch is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, an Ayurvedic practitioner and educator, and the author of several books and lectures internationally on Oriental and Ayurvedic medicines and Women’s Health, bringing a depth of knowledge and a sense of joy to her presentations.


She has served on the teaching faculty of The Ayurvedic Institute, Kripalu School of Ayurveda, Southwest Acupuncture College, and Acupractice Seminars.


+ Your Sign in BONUSES

Live Calls annually with Dr. Claudia and Cate

Dr. Claudia Welch’s cd for prāṇa cultivation and harmonization. Prāṇa, the life force present in the universe as well as in human beings, is in constant flow. Obstruction to that flow results in physical, mental or emotional discomfort for us, as well as in nature.

Bonus Recordings, Video discussions, + 5 Q+A audio session recordings with Dr. Claudia + Cate




Dr. Claudia is a genius in giving you the INFORMATION to INSPIRE the changes that will make the biggest difference in your day-to-day experience of thrive… no matter what your age.

Join us to grow in your understanding of how your body works… and to enter a paradigm of deep cooperation with yourself. Get grounded in holistic wisdom through understanding how hormones work from a holistic energetic perspective. Then, you'll be able to cooperate with your body - reading your moods and your body’s signals - and knowing what actions you can take to experience your thrive. 

Through understanding your holistic bio-chemistry a natural inspiration to cooperate with yourself emerges. Our members are easily able to make the habit upgrades to cooperate with their hormonal needs. A paradigm shift occurs for our members as they work with their body's needs.. 

As you get a much deeper perspective of how your body, mind and emotions work from Ayurveda you start to experience more interconnectivity. You can see imbalances before they arise. You build a deeper energetic capacity and stronger immune systems.

In this course our members adopt the practices to thrive with enlightened habits, based on cooperating with your body's natural design.

p.s. In the lifetime of this course and community which we started in 2012, we've had zero returns. 

Invest in Your Body Wisdom and it pays back for a lifetime.

What you will learn from Ayurveda, Yoga + Chinese Medicine:

  1. How hormones shift over the course of our lives, and why that matters 

  2. How to interpret specific symptoms your body is currently communicating 

  3. How to respond effectively to your body's symptoms.

  4. The reason your mood swings… and tools to smooth out the edges 

  5. How to understand what your choices are, and better ways of make better them

  6. Why you want to align your ethics with your body wellness

  7. How to optimize your immune system

  8. How to be more productive.. while less stressed out 

  9. What a health-improving day actually looks like… and how it changes your life in surprising ways

“For anyone wanting a deeper connection to their soul, a calmer daily perspective and to be part of an inspiring, authentic group of like minded souls, do this course. It’s fantastic and I have no hesitation in recommending it.” 

– K.F., New South Wales, Australia


“I have been looking forward to taking this course for a year! It is such a valuable source of practical information for my own health and balance and I am thrilled to have more insight and resources to share with my clients who are seeking solutions.” 

- H.M., Portland, OR

“This is a beautiful and essential course for any woman! I wish every woman in my life would receive the knowledge and experience I gained from this course. I feel so grateful to have been given this opportunity and look forward to continuing to learn and share and support one another on the Facebook group page.” 

– T.J., Gray, ME

I believe in my programs so much and I know if you give them a try, you will too. We have a 15 year track record with thousands of happy members and success stories that bring tears to my eyes. That said, if you show up and participate to get the results you want, and you don't like what you bought, I’ll give you a full refund no questions asked.

With a no-hassle policy and no financial risk, just the possibility of real health benefits!

Sign up for the 6 week course now!

And get access to the course, the community and the upcoming group momentum.

You’ll love learning from us.

A 100%, Absolute Money-Back Guarantee Like No Other Extended for 90 Days!

Why would I offer this?

A 100%, Absolute Money-Back Guarantee Like No Other Extended for 90 Days!

I am absolutely confident that if you go through the entire program and apply the principles you will thrive more as you age and feel better in your body... or your money back.

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