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Healthier Hormones audio

Women’s Wisdom Free Call:
“When Things Go Wrong…”

Listen to the audio below. A 60 minute teleconference session  with Dr. Claudia + Cate

In this 1- hour call Cate asks Dr. Claudia about what she sees when things to wrong  in women’s bodies. We’re talking progressive women who do yoga and meditate. The conversation takes many twists and turns, engages in deep paradox and guru-blessed aphorisms, and can be pinned down to 4 bullets. You’ll hear about this the importance of these 4 lessons in this brief call:

  • Listening to your center
  • Evolving your prana
  • Accepting worse case scenarios and moving forward
  • Finding strength in sensitive or delicate constitutions

We also talk about teens, menopause, hormones and prana.
It’s packed.
You’ll love it.  

Up Next:
The 6 Week Healthier Hormones e-Course

Get a real education about how your body works and how you can lesson the likelihood of things going wrong in your health future.

In our 6 Week Healthier Hormones e-Course you will learn:

  • How to connect with your integrity… and how it affects your moods and hormones.
  • How to build your immune system at a conscious level
  • How to engage with your inner flow and innate joy
  • Why our ovaries, adrenals and thyroids are getting messed with in modern life … and how to repair the damage
The next session begins January 25th. When you register you get immediate access to get prepared.
The e-Course is pre-recorded. You’ll have access to Cate + Dr. Claudia on the online forum. You’ll also be invited to a live call for members on March 8th. Once you register, you will be a member, and can repeat the course with new members. Members find this an awesome benefit as the 6-week course is a lot to digest.

10 Lessons for Healthier Hormones in 6 Weeks:

1. Understand the hormonal trends in a woman’s body through all stages of life.

2. Learn how hormonal balance reflects our ethics, and how living in integrity supports hormonal balance.

3. Generate skills to maintain hormonal balance at any age

4. Learn how restoring hormonal balance can help correct irregular menstruation, fertility, thyroid or adrenal issues, fatigue, auto-immune disorders, moods, hot flashes and other disorders

5. Identify stagnation & resulting disorders, like endometriosis, painful periods and congested breast tissue.

6. Learn how to resolve stagnation and to resolve the related symptoms.

7. Learn how to troubleshoot –and how to address the problems you find.

8. Create community –IF YOU NEED IT around your health evolution

9.   Help other woman (students & clients) navigate their journeys more skillfully


Join us today in the Healthier Hormones e-course. Learn more!