How To Steep Yourself

How To Steep Yourself

Let’s get back to the conversation on steeping ourselves in a habit.

Many of you know that tea, and even coffee for that matter, are fermented. To steep implies a chemical reaction that has to do with change over time. The strength comes with time.

“A culture”

Fermented foods are also called “cultured foods”. And a culture? A culture is a living entity in itself. A culture grows stronger with time. Habits are cultures. We are literally, physically culturing ourselves with our habits. Our habits are the culture we steep ourselves in. And, so you see this business of cultivating better habits… you see it has big implications. Habits are all about repetition over time. From my book, Body Thrive.

In Sanskrit, vinayam is the cultured mannerism resulting from your discipline and training. Slow-cooked (or cultured) habits, based on deepening your body wisdom, are your aim. When you slowly culture your repetitive actions as you age, with humble discipline, you are entering the realm of vinayam.


Right. This is huge people. If you haven’t thought much about this, you need to. You, dear readers of the Yogahealer, have some awesome habits. We, as a demographic of yoga-mat toting, green smoothie drinking, supplement-popping, spiritually-fueled people have some awesome habits.

  • We eat nutritious food.
  • We exercise.
  • We more than exercise, we even stretch!
  • We take time away from computers, phone and screens.

Compared to the general population, we rock. And, as a result of our habits, we have a our own sub-culture. And our sub-culture has its own manner of being, full of identities, beliefs and even dress-code (when was the last time you wore heels to work?)

And so it must become with your new habit.If you didn’t identify your new habit yesterday, you need to do that and come back.

Time to start seeping

Now that you know what habit you’re taking up, it’s time to start seeping. That means repetition, repetition, repetition. This is the most un-scintillating part. It’s what separates the men from the boyz. It’s what makes all the different in the world. And it’s what refines the universe of you.

You see, this new habit of yours, no matter how small, shifts your chemical soup. Your brain pattern will shift with your new habit when it’s done with repetition. Your biochemistry shift will accumulate over time. And habits are all about time. Take for example the habit I’m committing to from the previous blog post:

Spend the first 10 minutes of my work day reviewing my weekly plan and planning my day.

How will that shift my culture?

Well, I can tell you first hand, I’ve never had this as a habit, and it’s never ended up in my calendar. Now, it’s in my calendar, as far as the eye can see. If I am to actually follow through with this habit I know I would experience less stress. You see, my past culture of being less planned, and more flowy left me a bit stressed about all the balls in the air. I can see with this simple 10 minute a day habit I will know which balls are in the air. I love this new feeling I get from just thinking about it.

And so it should be with you. When you think about doing your habit repetitively, you should like the feeling you get. That is the new feeling you are and will be steeping your cells in, your brain cells, your blood cells, your gut cells.

OK – now check this out.

As a community here on this list, we’re strong in numbers. Tens of thousands strong. And as we all make these little habit shifts, using a proven method, aimed by our inner guidance, you see what is happening?

Our culture as a whole gets smarter, more connected, healthier. Our little cultures make up the big culture. And, together, we evolve.

Take action: I want you to email me back after you do your habit today, or post on the Yogahealer Facebook page. Use #bodythrive somewhere in the text.

And, if you missed the post where you choose a goal, and then identify three habits, and then choose 1 habit, you need to go back and do that. Otherwise this series won’t work for you.

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