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Dynamic Dialogue with Brandt Passalacqua on Business for Yoga Teachers

I was thrilled when Brandt reached out to me to talk about Business for his yoga teachers in his amazing teaching community. I love helping teachers help themselves and grow their financial potential. If you want to make more money in your yoga or wellness career – you’ll find our conversation super solid to your success.


  • Cate’s straight up success story from being an average teacher to a multiple six-figure income stream
  • How Cate transitioned to living in Mexico overlooking a surfbreak during the winters
  • Getting clear on Artha… and Dharma
  • The relationship between Impact and Income!
  • Cate’s best advice for career-empassioned  yoga teachers and wellness providers!

Business Course Strategy Session: Invitation to Eavesdrop!

  • Yoga Studio newsletters
  • Yoga Teachers filling strategy sessions
  • Planning around having babies + other big events
  • Filtering non-motivated clients
  • Getting Referrals from solid clients
  • Optimizing Opt-in for the high end clients you want to attract

If you enjoyed these audios and want to apply for a strategy session on your yoga career… click here.