Locavore approach to At Home Retreat

Locavore approach to At Home Retreat

Each Autumn I press my reset button. When you get deeper into seasonal rhythms you notice there are junctures of time to empty your own bucket of whatever imbalances have accumulated since your last “empty the bucket period.”

For me, the last empty the bucket period was in April. Now it's six months later. My body knows what time it is. My mind wants a timeout too. And my spirit is begging for more time on the cushion. You see time, and timing are everything.

When we miss these windows of opportunity with the changing seasons, the impulse will pass. Many people notice this with bowel movements or hunger. If you miss the urge – you may miss your opportunity. Then, you’ll feel a little “less than” or a little off your game.

Yesterday one of Indy’s friends parents and I were chatting. His wife had a second surgery within a year. Some sort of build up of inflammation and scar tissue in her joints. Her doctor says her bones are too long and put pressure in her joints. And the husband, and dad, recently had surgeries due to multiple lipomas or benign fatty buildup in the muscle tissue.


According to Ayurveda both of these conditions are greatly if not completely reduced by emptying the seasonal bucket. When imbalances build up over time – we get problems in the deeper tissue of our body – in our muscles, fat, bone and nerve tissue.  At that point seasonal rejuvenation cycles will help – but will not be a quick fix.


I would much rather feel increasingly clear, lithe, energetic and integrated, than deal with hard-to-unwind repercussions later. Yes – it takes intentionality, planning, commitment, and follow through. But like anything in life – once you focus on it – a world opens up. And that world is subtly intelligent, deeply peaceful, and remarkably expansive. I commit to spending time in that world at least twice a year.
In the next 3 newsletters I’m going to detail what I’ve doing this Autumn in the October Yogidetox. You can read it all in the next week:

Oct 7 Train your Eye to Spot Thrive

Oct 10 Digestives, Apples, + One pot meals

Oct 12 Lube your Sinuses: Open Your Mind

Oct 12 October Yogidetox Begins!

First, I’m going to talk about how I’ve reprogrammed by brain, my eyes, my nerves, my tongue to spot thrive. As a result I experience and share massive abundance year round – but especially in Autumn.

Next, I’ll let you in on how simple my food and food prep is this time of year. My diet is naturally laxative, easy to digest and nourishing in Autumn. I’ll give you a few recipes and obvious kitchen tips I find most people don’t do.


Lastly, my new sinus opening, mind-blowing practice will be made explicit. After numerous conversations with Ayurvedic master Dr. Mary Jo Cravatta she gave me the inside scoop on opening the left and right brain hemisphere through a thorough regimen of oil snorting. I’ll tell all.


And that is at. As a community, we thrive together. Juntos. Ensemble. I write to you because I hope it sparks your fire. At some point, those wanting support to carry out their plan jump into the course. Either way, I’m here to serve.

Cate Stillman
[email protected]

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