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Hold your ground

Trust the anchor-like grip of our yogitoes towels to hold you steady as you flow from pose to pose. We all need a little help sometimes. Our straps, bolsters and blocks will be there to lend a hand when you need one.
Manduka designs sustainable clothing made from natural, recycled and sustainable fabrics to support both your practice and the planet.
Manduka and I have been friends for a long time. I got my first manduka mat  – the big ass black one – around 2005. I use it today and it’s in lovely condition.
I got in touch with Manuka about adding to our Yogahealer Member Retreat Swag bag. They wanted me to talk about them in the podcast in exchange for their yoga mat towels for every attendees. And then, they adding new, top of the line yoga maps for our Yogahealer Leadership Award Winners.
 Now, Manduka and I are talking about them being a guinea pig for our Body Thrive Corporate Coaching Program. I’ve been noticing this program wanting to emerge for about a year, and now it’s taking shape. Banyan Botanicals and Manduka will be our first companies to work with.
 I’m super curious about where my relationship with Manduka is going. Stay tuned and I”ll update you here.

Support your practice from headstand to toe with Manduka.

Legendary support for a lifetime of practice with the Manduka PRO

Mats. Clothing. Towels. Bags. Props. Practice on

Legendary support for a lifetime of practice with a Manduka PRO Yoga Mat

Manduka - Designed for your practice.