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Are you living your best life? We unlock your full potential and change your life for the better.

Success is one area of your life that doesn’t always translate to other areas. We help you connect the dots to experience balance – better health and body, smarter career choices, improved relationships, and efficient use of time for a truly joyful life.

Business was thriving, but as my career flourished, everything else crumbled. I was waking up exhausted, and I wasn’t spending nearly enough time with my family.

So, I’d do what everyone else does. I took a vacation. This was my second mistake. I applied a short-term solution to a much larger problem. You can guess what happened next.

After two weeks of rest, I was right back to where I started.

I realized I wasn’t in control of life. LIFE was crushing me with its abundant weight. Simply put, I was losing control. How did this happen?

What’s the number one thing Bill Gates wishes he’d done at Harvard?

“Well, I wish I had been more sociable,”

Gates famously told students during a speech. Bill focused on his studies and abandoned his social life, which led to lifelong regret. He still reminisces about lost opportunities.

There’s a strange little thing that happens to the world’s top 1%. It’s the inability to bring one’s whole self to each aspect of one’s life.

Do you have a friend or a colleague who’ve sacrificed a marriage for their career? That’s a popular one.

Missing a birthday, anniversary, or simply not spending enough time with those who matter most?

But enough about everyone else – when was the last time you simply had time for yourself?

How about your health? How long can you go on losing sleep, overeating due to stress, or continuing an unhealthy relationship with sugar and alcohol?

More than ever, it’s become difficult to have all aspects of your life on track. Above all else, the new decade has greeted us with unprecedented doubt.

COVID brought with it a new normal, and change is happening at a record-breaking pace. Life was already busy and stressful, and now this? You may have heard the term VUCA – that the post-Cold War era world we live in is increasingly Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous.

Most of us aren’t prepared for a VUCA world with its abrupt career adaptations, high pace technology changes, and nonstop pivoting. We don’t have an action plan to stay the course.

To top it off, the digital shift of our economy has made career progress and business development anything but guaranteed. Both employers and customers expect availability, flexibility, and quick learning – and if you can’t adapt, you’re done.

One thing’s for sure, 2021 is going to be a pivotal year… with both winners and losers. The future you want, your goals and dreams, may seem more out of reach than ever before.

The ambiguity is real.

“Live life to the fullest” it’s easier said than done. And what does that mean anyway? Your life is multidimensional, and every part of it makes up the unique you – job, relationship, personal and spiritual.

Are you leaving a piece of yourself behind? A chain is no stronger than its weakest link.

Or what about that ambitious dream you have? The one your gut tells you will change your life forever. Starting a new business or moving to a new country… We never seem to get to achieving these dreams because we’re so darn busy with everything else. We become slaves to our everyday tasks. As a result, our dreams remain buried.

Today, I’m going to share with you the step-by-step roadmap to succeeding in all aspects of your life.

You have the power and the right to live a life of great meaning, deep fulfillment and to finally experience ease in your body, mind and heart.

You deserve to thrive. You deserve this. It’s time to grab the bull by the horns and live life, even with all its ambiguity, uncertainty, and complexity.

Here’s what you do…

What if the solution isn’t possible on your own?

What if it’s a matter of taking a step back and applying a proven system, alongside advice from the world’s top mentors, to guide you to where you want to be in your body and life?

Meet Cate

Since 2001 she’s run Yogahealer, an entrepreneur, a CEO with a remote team, a master coach, an author, a global leader, and a mother. She sits in a fascinating apex of ancient wisdom and modernity, a balance that allows her to persevere through wherever the world and the market are going next. Over the years, she’s helped hundreds of entrepreneurs align their unique abilities with the emerging marketplace.

The secret is in the strategic model, based on modern business advice alongside ancient Ayurvedic wisdom, that has safeguarded the minds and spirits of generations before being lost in a VUCA world.

Ayurveda is a 5,000-year-old health and lifestyle system that promotes wellness through the balance of mind, body, and spirit.
As a student of Ayurveda teaching, Cate understands how to apply these universal life principles to the modern world in one practical, result-driven model.

Master of You is a lifestyle system that synchronizes your body, home, and time with your ambitions. It frees up your time and transforms you into an effective leader.

The Master of You training was made to get accomplished professionals like you to pivot into a more meaningful life, support your evolutionary contribution, and retain radiant longevity and body wisdom. Through Ayurveda, entrepreneurship, and a lifetime of coaching, Cate was able to continually guide Master of You members to breakthroughs and onto bigger lifestyle goals.

Our small peer-mentored cohorts are intimate, effective, and transformative. Year after year, members emerge with life-altering results. The Master of You community has learned how to effectively work the system of whole life goal achievement with the ability to achieve futures that were beyond their wildest dreams.

It’s here for you to write the next chapter of your life.

A global peer network of ambitious professionals, life lessons built on ancient wisdom, and one-on-one mentorship to guide you to your transformative self. It’s a combination that has revolutionized the lives of many. And it’s ready for you.

Can Master of You really transform your life?

The results could not be more real.



You define your wins, encompassing your whole life, and your next purpose. We guide you to the bigger questions, integrity gaps and unique abilities to thrive in the emerging economy.


A step-by-step, repeatable system based on the five element universal truths, that can be used to uplevel your life in real time, and problem solve for any VUCA circumstance.


Innovate your calendar to use time to advantage the future you want to experience faster.


Be guided by a thought leadership community that values enlightened living, financial prosperity, time freedom, dynamic growth relationships, and skillful lifestyle design.

Cate grew her business while enjoying a freedom-filled lifestyle.

Skiing in the Tetons and surfing in Mexico – all while raising her daughter.
The course is built to help you get to a place where you dictate how you want life to be led.

Initially, the Master of You members are tasked with solving immediate problems in their lives, their homes, their habits, their relationships.

But it doesn’t stop there. Participants are encouraged to envision a better future for themselves – financially, in relationships, in lifestyle design, and in body health.

What’s the one dream you have? The one you know will make you happy. Our system builds the roadmap to get you there.

Working together, members reported having breakthroughs that were beyond their expectations. Ambitions were ignited further. Visions were clarified. Members are constantly improving on strategy, planning, and project management of their better futures, in unison.

The result is a proven formula that gets you on the path to your unique version of success. Your next evolution, whatever that may be for you.
Cate Stillman is the Founder of Yogahealer, Master of You, and Yogidetox, as well as a bestselling author. She is an evolutionary thought leader, global tribe builder, and author in the field of personal achievement, Ayurveda, and Dynamic Groups. She started her entrepreneurship with in 2001 and grew to the top 2% of women-owned businesses by 2016. She is renowned for leading professionals to thrive in their bodies while defining and achieving their life goals.

Jill Crosbie

President Redhawk Environmental Consulting

“I so appreciate Cate’s deeply wise and connected guidance. Each of her responses in navigating our exchanges felt so contained in a reservoir of wisdom, courage, and compassion.”

Annette Shellenbarger

Registered Nurse, Wellness Solopreneur

“Master of You is the Most Innovative Life Design Course based on Ayurveda + Yoga. Through working with Cate, my life has made a 360° shift. Cate’s teachings are the edge of innovation – 20 years in the future… appearing in the present. She simplifies the complexity of your modern life.“

Master of You

Our mission is to define and achieve the multiplex of your life goals.
The Master of You course does just that. We guide you through a whole-person system to fast-track your life goals, financial goals, career goals, relationship goals, and body wisdom goals.
Each year, a select group of growth-oriented people are chosen to join our course to design an ideal lifestyle. They come out on the other end living the life they dreamed of and excel in achieving their goals. As a result, they are living at a heightened level and experiencing the deep fulfillment that comes from regularly achieving life goals.
The Master of You Course provides an intense curriculum directed at you clarifying your vision, your next purpose, and your best strategy from the start. Then, you test your plan in real-time with world-class guidance and expertise through the process.
You’ll take immediate action on anything you may have placed on the back burner. You’ll prioritize and begin moving your life forward – fast. And, you’ll implement the holistic strategic system immediately… so that you get three iterations of personal evolutions per year in the process of designing your better life.
What happens if you’re not ready?
That is what separates the cream from the milk. You need to be willing to disrupt your status quo for a better future. When you are in a surround-sound support system, like Master of You, with clear guidance, a step-by-step process, and a community of growth-oriented professionals, you move forward much faster towards your goals.
It’s perfect for those who are already successful in their field but have let certain aspects of their life fall behind – relationships, body, home, unique purpose, finances, or time freedom. For those who want to get their whole life on track, there’s no better system.

4 Benefits

Do the most meaningful work of your life.

Synchronize your body with your ambitions.

Build a better strategy towards your financial goals.

Experience the power of a holistic transformational system, that will have friends asking - how did you do it?

What would it take
to make next year,
your best year yet?

You’ve made it this far because you know the importance of a purpose-driven life. We don’t know what your deeper dreams and unique abilities are… but we can guide you to unearth them. Our members aren’t wondering how to pivot, and they are strategically aligning themselves to live a smarter life.

Every testimonial you read started with the free 90 minutes Q+A. Bring your notepad. You’ll need it.

And these results are possible for you.

Our members are guided to achieve their first goals within the first 3 months of the Master of You Coaching program.

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The Master of You Course drives you to rethink your dreams, goals, strategy, influencers, and follow-through. We take sharp professionals and strategically guide them to achieve their holistic life and professional goals.

The highly effective boutique experience has been time-tested and improved upon over the last 5 years. Plus, Cate literally wrote the book on it.

If you are serious about achieving your life goals, Cate’s free video session will guide you to take the next step.

Taking the next steps is easier than you think.

Isn’t it time you give yourself the advantage and unburden yourself with the dreaded “what’s next?”
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