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The #1 Way to Invest in Yourself, Excel, Get Your Goals Across the Finish Line

Are Your Life Goals Worth Your Investment?

You are your own greatest asset. In just 12 months, we’ll show you how an investment in yourself leads to financial freedom, a comfortable lifestyle, and a life-long strategy to achieving your dreams.

The next few years of your life are pivotal. You’ve worked hard and made sacrifices to be exactly where you are today. Even when things fall through the cracks, you persevere.

The question is…

How long can you ignore the things that “fall through the cracks”? What can you do to maintain all aspects of your life – family, career, personal, mind and body to never have to choose between one or the other?

It’s not an impossible balancing act. You’re in the exact same spot where dozens of people were right before they began their journey. The result? Ability to achieve their unique life goals, and to live a fulfilling life.

If you’re reading this, it means you have the capacity. It means we are willing to coach you, to mentor and guide you to a life that is beyond your current wildest dreams. Here’s how.

A Guided Journey
to A Fulfilled You

Receive Instant Access To the Tools and Coaching for a smarter life filled with personal & professional victories.
First, say it with me, you will be the next success story. Whatever success means to you, let’s get you well on your way there. Your secret weapon is becoming the Master of You.

Articulate your intent. Now envision your future self. Together, we’ll develop a smart strategy to get you there. But, hold on. Even the most well thought out five year plan won’t get you anywhere without action or testing.

We know this. It’s why we created a community where big thinkers like you are pressing play on the next chapter of life.

Along with guidance from leaders who know the territory, inside and out – you get results.

It’s time to have the lifestyle and career that you want. It’s in you to make the powerful decision to maximize your potential. Invest in you and meet all your ambitions.

If you’re able to dedicate yourself, invest time and energy to see exponential results, then keep reading.


Result 1

A system to achieve your goals

“You can’t have it all” is a phrase we hear all the time, and poor attempts at having it all result in burnout. With us, you will avoid costly mistakes, burnout, and missing your life targets. You’ll reclaim your creative potential, your wellness potential, and your career potential. In Master of You, no part is left behind.
Result 2

Mastery over your time

By streamlining your effort, we will guide you to achieve what you want in less time. It’s not a superpower. In reality, we help you prioritize and refocus. You’ll determine the highest impact activities and pave an efficient path forward.
Result 3

Future-proof your career

Your career goals need a system to handle the complexity of the modern economy. Applying the lessons from Master of You, you’ll dissolve fear of the unknown and build resilience and adaptability into your career, strategy to do your best and most meaningful work yet.
Result 4

You are your greatest asset. Leverage your unique abilities.

Founder of, Kristin Wheeler, points out “When cultivated, your unique ability has the potential to be exceptional.” We’ll guide you to take power of your unique self and use it to catapult yourself towards success.
Result 5

Become Your Own Medicine Maker.

The most subtle of the five elements is space. Most people don’t harness the potential of the space element to improve their mental clarity, focus, intuition, and much required, rejuvenation. All of these essential qualities to vision, strategy, and action are becoming scarce – even in people who once had mastery.
You’ll shape your spaces at a level you’ve never experienced – to pull forward your next evolution, making the personal and professional habits you need a breeze to acquire. As a result of cultivating your space, you will feel a grounded sense of ease, precision of focus, and empowered creativity.
Result 6

Be financially fluent, fluid, and accumulating

Finally, Master of You members become stronger, financial savvy, and more wealthy. As you generate opportunities to add more value or exchange more value with your goals, your financial acumen gets honed. If your initial goals are finance-centric, you’ll quickly clarify the critical issues and work the system to success.

Cate knows how to apply strategy to business growth. Along with Andy, a former Chief Operating Officer (E*Trade, Citigroup, and Deutsche Bank among others) with decades of experience developing and executing long term success strategies, they coach you to take control and achieve results.

Truly, there is no other program that delivers results such as Master of You. The system is unique, timely, and most importantly. It works.

But, you need to take the first step. Master of You guides you to invest your attention in yourself and your next purpose. With Master of You, you steer your own ship. With practice, the system will live within you, like good lifelong habits, so you continually experience the life of your dreams.

Receive Instant Access to the same tried-and-tested system that has proven effective, not only for Cate, but for dozens of motivated people like you.

“I’m a new person after taking the Master of You Course. It’s given me the framework I’ve needed to implement big changes in my business, but more importantly, it facilitated personal breakthroughs and helped bring awareness to unconscious blocks that had been hindering me for years. While it was not easy, it has been so worth it. I’m now much more grounded and happy, my relationships with loved ones, especially my husband, have transformed, and I’m more compassionate and joyful in my work.”

Suzanne Lynch

Pastor, Wellness Entrepreneur, Intuitive

Our members’ success is as diverse as their goals.

One Master of You member took over her husband’s company and grew its revenue by 300% the next year. Another member was able to step out of an abusive relationship, and thrive as a single parent and professional.

Another member was able to earn 30% more on their yearly income, working 30% less time, while greatly improving the satisfaction of her clients.

We don’t judge your goals. We guide you to your success.

You don’t want to die wondering why you didn’t go after your wildest dreams, decade after decade of your life.

In Master of You you will meet your regret. Many members regret not starting sooner. They regret not investing wholeheartedly into a strategic management journey to harness their ambitions into a courageous, resourceful life.

If you are here that means you know that you might just be your best bet. If your gut is telling you to bet on yourself this time, in full effect, then you should do this with us.
Here’s the Master of You Guarantee. By following the system, as outlined you’ll have created a system to achieve and succeed in any of your desired endeavors.

Within our community, you will develop deeply fulfilling relationships. You’ll experience more energy, drive and flow and as your body intelligence improves with us.

Your home will become a sanctuary to accelerate your success. If you have a business you’ll continuously activate it to the next level with this system and you’ll be able to teach this system to your kids and partner.

When you have mastery over your time and a streamlined effort, you can achieve what you want in less time. For the rest of your life.

Faced with an incredible opportunity, comes a challenging decision. Investing in yourself is often the most difficult decision we’re asked to make.

But if you had the courage to achieve your wildest life ambitions – what would that be worth to you?

Now, what if you could achieve your goals in half the time? What would that be worth?

What if in achieving the goals you can perceive of today, even more substantial and extraordinary and meaningful, unique to you, came into your view?

You may think “that sounds like a pipedream.”

And it would be, if we didn’t have a time tested iterative system – backed by a dynamic synergy of ancient wisdom and modern innovation.

We know how to guide you to where you want to be.
Cate Stillman is the Founder of Yogahealer, Master of You, and Yogidetox, as well as a bestselling author. She is an evolutionary thought leader, global tribe builder and author in the field of personal achievement, Ayurveda, and Dynamic Groups. She started her entrepreneurship with in 2001, and grew to the top 2% of women owned businesses by 2016. She is renowned for leading professionals to thrive in their bodies, while defining and achieving their life goals.
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