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Fast Track Your Bigger Goals.
Become the Master of You.

Every one of these people were faced with the exact same decision you’re facing today.
“Is an investment in me the right choice?”
They all took the plunge. These are their stories.
Tina Gustin Bagley

What I’m getting out of MOY: This course impacts my life tremendously. It gives me direction on how to “know thyself” and it holds me accountable for following through on my dreams, big and small. Those around me notice I am more grounded, committed and genuinely engaged.

Alicia Heyburn

I run a social profit organization that connects youth to the outdoors. Why am I part of Yogahealer? The 12 ethos of Master of You helped me align my personal, professional and organizational goals toward a single target – to thrive. The way I show up in the world is the way my organization shows up. After only three months I see much greater possibilities for positive impact, I’m not thinking small anymore. I don’t just just see opportunities, but I’ve designed strategies to meet them. The path is clear and I’m walking it with my head held high, Shoulders back, Heart open and eyes trained on the target. This feels great!

Ranah Gitsels

Master of YOU has helped identify and solidify my perspective on and connection to what makes my life meaningful and fulfilling, and based on that what goals and purpose I want to pursue. Besides identifying, the course provides the knowledge, tools, strategies and support for me to align my actions, the current elements in my life, my beliefs and my behaviors in the right direction to actually achieve these goals and bring them to fruition. Master of YOU literally has changed me as a person, my present circumstances and the course of my future. The power of the course also lies in the way it allows and facilitates the Master of YOU community to push you forward and provide the continued momentum to evolve, or allow the space to be and reflect if needed in that moment. All of this is being driven and created by Cate Stillman as an unstoppable leading inspiration through combining her limitless energie, knowledge and experience which she uses to guide each and everyone of us to where we choose to take ourselves and the opportunities we create. So to summarize: Master of YOU is inevitably a life changer.

Sarah O”Neill

“I’m loving Master of You!

This skill building course is optimizing my life. I’m noticing an ease and efficiency in my way of being. Not only did I clear my living and office space. I’m in charge of my day, instead of the old chaotic rush in charge of me! I’m in the driver’s seat with more clarity and purpose. For the first time my vision is connected to my calendar. Life’s distractions are falling away and my relationships are improving. Family systems are integrating with our values and I’m free from hours of chores on the weekends. Feeling the joy and letting go of the old way of being. This course is evolutionary, a game changer. Thank you Cate Stillman and Dana Vanwoerden Skoglund.”

Dana Skoglund

“For the first time my vision is connected to my calendar.

Master of You has taken my time, space, and life management to a whole new level. It has provided the tools and skills to create systems to carry out my dharma with more ease and integrity. The heart connection with the other members of the group is wonderful. I love this course!”

Ranah Gitsels

“I’m feeling empowered. I started this program because I was near rock bottom (again) with depressive symptoms clouding my life. Upon saying yes, I signed up at a gym and started working out again….committing to the course got the ball rolling for me. Month 1 – Clearing my space was an inviting, do-able task that started to ‘deglug’ me. Was really important to start here for me. Started feeling lighter and in control. Month 2 I knew a lot of this stuff already and was a good reminder about what is important to me. …I feel like I’m back in the drivers seat of my life.”

Your next step?

Get in. We’ll guide you to clarify your purpose, your strategy and your action plan reight away!

Suzanne Lynch

“I’m a new person after taking the Master of You Course. It’s given me the framework I’ve needed to implement big changes in my business, but more importantly, it facilitated personal breakthroughs and helped bring awareness to unconscious blocks that had been hindering me for years.
While it was not easy, it has been so worth it. I’m now much more grounded and happy, my relationships with loved ones, especially my husband, have transformed, and I’m more compassionate and joyful in my work.”

Sally Burgess

“I’ve spent a lot of money over the years as part of my “continuing education” and I can honestly say that Master of You has been one of the best investments yet. From improving the home environment, to breaking through self-imposed limits and then right down to the basics of how to schedule all that needs to be done. I love that the program is not simply conceptual–it’s shirt sleeves rolled up, let’s work through it together. Which means you get results! The group of like-minded others is also such a gift! Thank you Cate!“

Jessika Mikol

“I’m loving this course! I’m finally getting organized and utilizing online tools that I’ve known existed and could help me streamline my workflow. I love how the course starts in the physical earth element realm and is organized through to end with water element or flow. And now I feel more ease and flow coming in and am excited to see where this will take me next! Thanks Cate Stillman.”

Don’t Delay on your Dreams.
Your purpose is important.