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How Master of You Accelerates
Your Smarter Future


Ignite your life’s purpose and begin your pivot, right now.


Become a master strategist to achieve your unique goals.


Design your life to build an ideal schedule.


Master your body with smarter habits for a compact, lean body that is resilience, fit and adaptable.


Use the power of small dynamic group to scale your future.

In a series of three evolutions per year,
Master of You guides you through a powerful curriculum – a strategic holistic approach to shape your better future.

Evolution 1

Your Next Purpose, Your 3 Year Target, and the 1st Round of Strategic Planning

First, you’ll begin by taking a look at your day-to-day through a critical lens. With your values in mind, you clarify your vision for the future and begin designing the next steps. In Evolution 1, you put the Master of You system to the test.

Right off the bat, we guide you through the process to you generate better strategies to realize your vision. You’ll develop skills in strategic planning, project management, and upleveling your calendarin alignment with your goals. You train your mind to use new tools to problem solve the new critical issues that arise on the path to your evolution. And finally, you start the process of redesigning your home and work environment to accelerate your first evolution.

You’ll put your plan to the test. The test will reveal what’s stopping your progress. With weekly coaching, you’ll be able to face your true critical issues and move forward with an even more accurate vision and a better strategy in Evolution 2.

During your first evolution through Master of You, you’ll have reconnected with your core life dreams, clarified your vision and strategy for a better future in real-time.

Added Bonus: You’ll have the option of participating in your first two-day Master of You workshop. This bonus is worth thousands of dollars. You will have breakthroughs on your critical issues with Cate’s guidance and your peer dynamic group, and emerge with a trued vision and smarter action plan.

Master of You 2 Day Workshop
After Evolution 1

After only three months I see much greater possibilities for positive impact, I’m not thinking small anymore. I don’t just just see opportunities, but I’ve designed strategies to meet them. The path is clear and I’m walking it with my head held high, Shoulders back, Heart open and eyes trained on the target. This feels great!

Alicia Heyburn
Executive Director Teens to Trails

Evolution 2

Embrace Your True Critical Issues

With Evolution 1 under your belt, you’re better prepared for the next round. By now, you know exactly which critical issues need to be faced head-on. You’ll stabilize your habits and sync with the deep rhythm of your body to build adaptability, resilience, and to energetically reach your goals with ease. You design your living spaces to accelerate achieving holistic goals (focus, fitness, nutrition, career, and relationship). You become accustomed to working the system you built and start reaping the rewards of living a smarter life.

In Evolution 2, you’ll have a renewed vigor, with less of a pipedream approach, to take aligned action to your goals. You’ll be gaining specific skills, tools, and assets and building the requisite relationships. You’ll see the system starting to improve literally all aspects of your life – from your time to your body, to your schedule, to your relationships, to your mindset. You will have up-leveled your physical environment (home, office, possessions) to align with your future self.

Added Bonus: You’ll have the option of participating in your next trimester’s two-day Master of You workshop, which we highly recommend attending. You will have breakthroughs on your critical issues with Cate’s guidance and your peer dynamic group, and emerge with a trued vision and smarter action plan.

Master of You 2 Day Workshop
After Evolution 2

“The two days of Master of You workshop brought me so much clarity on how I need to create space in my business and personal life, to manifest my goal in a short and long term. Working in group intensively guided by Cate in only two days I got results and insights that I didn’t get working alone in the last 6 months.”

Monica Biasiolo
Ayurvedic Lifestyle Coach for Women

Evolution 3

Breakthrough to Custom Opportunities

With two evolutions under your belt, you’re now able to put it all together. Begin leveraging your newfound genius for greater purpose and calmer days. You’ll implement your next round of strategic planning, be familiar with your vision, and stay on track with your new ability to assess critical issues and strategic planning with adeptness. With your house now in order and your habits automated for focused energetic alignment, you’ll fearlessly discover even greater ambitions. You’ll get a glimpse of a new life coming into focus fast; one beyond your wildest dreams. Time and time again, we’re encouraged to see our members dream bigger than they did before.

Evolution 3 you’ll no longer be shy or private about making your vision a reality. You’ll take full advantage of the system and the master coaching to bust through past behavioral and mindset patterns that have perpetuated the status quo.

Added Bonus: You’ll have the option of participating in your last trimester’s two-day Master of You workshop, which we highly recommend attending. You will have breakthroughs on your critical issues with Cate’s guidance and your peer dynamic group, emerging with a trued vision and smarter action plan.

Master of You 2 Day Workshop
After Evolution 3

The Master of You Workshop with Cate Stillman was extremely worthwhile!

I not only gained clarity on my next goals, but was able to build a coherent and executable strategy on exactly how to achieve them. It allowed me to take some amorphous ideas and desires, with associated unmanageable “To Do” lists, and turn them into actionable and doable steps. I felt my entire nervous system relax and move out of anxiety and overwhelm with each hour that passed in the process. Cate is a highly skillful and authentic mentor, her course content impeccable. I also partnered up with members of the workshop to create a Master Mind Group to help me stay on target with the process, something I highly recommend.

I will be taking this workshop again as it is always evolving and I love the community.

Jill Crosbie
CEO RedHawk Environmental Consulting

In Master of You – you are with people who evolve fast, moving towards targets with a specific strategic system. Experience what happens when you put strategy into action in real time. Watch your life, your time, your daily experience align at a higher level. Make more happen faster, with greater ease.
Evolved groups align your goals to your reality… faster.

Year 2

At this point, you are willing to dream bigger, fail faster, and are able to incorporate lessons you learned without delay. The 5 element self-mastery system is now automated within you and you don’t need to learn it again. You just get to implement, evolve, implement, evolve, so on and so forth.

When Year 2 begins, you’ll see your potential, your zone of genius, and the unique abilities that’ll lead to your evolutionary contribution. You’ll see that you’re capable of much more than you previously thought. By now, you won’t be shy about getting your needs met and will reap the full benefits of master-level coaching.

Your possibilities will be clear to you. Instantly, you’ll leverage your experience and the Master of You tools to systematically realize your next ideal future. Year 2 is the built into Master of You to ensure you automate the system of your smarter life. You don’t need to stick around if you already got what you came for. Most members get a significant return on their course investment after just one year. But having an additional year of access to live weekly coaching, plus trimester implementation workshops is more often than not, a massive boon to members.

Most members will retake the entire year one curriculum to reinforce their gains. You’ll take even greater advantage of the weekly coaching and master council available to you to sort through the challenges you face in the light of bigger goals, as they arise.

You remain part of the Master of You community. The real-time implementation-driven global colleagueship is unparalleled. Most members, after two years, either enter paths to Leadership (our internal leadership training program) or renew their Master of You membership for a tremendous discount. When you find something this powerful you tend to want to stay.



You define your wins, encompassing your whole life, and your next purpose. We guide you to the bigger questions, integrity gaps and unique abilities to thrive in the emerging economy.


A step-by-step, repeatable system based on the five element universal truths, that can be used to uplevel your life in real time, and problem solve for any VUCA circumstance.


Innovate your calendar to use time to advantage the future you want to experience faster.


Be guided by a thought leadership community that values enlightened living, financial prosperity, time freedom, dynamic growth relationships, and skillful lifestyle design.

What is the structure
of the course?

Our Master of You Course takes place in a dynamic global online community, led by Cate,course coaches, and mentors with years of specialised expertise. Live coaching sessions are always interactive and being a member gives you access to weekly dynamic coaching so that you can overcome challenges in real-time.

The Curriculum

– Weekly video or audio lessons (10-30 minutes);
– Emails introducing the action steps for each video lessons (5 minutes reading);
– Workbook activities (30-60 minutes);
– Reading or audiobook listening assignments from Master of You + select books;
– All Video and audio lessons are easily accessible via our App or online hub.

The Coaching

– Bi-Monthly Ask Cate sessions;
– Bi-Monthly Ask Andy Sessions;
– Monthly Live Coaching Workshop with Cate;
– Three times a year you are invited to a 2-day online implementation workshop with Cate and/or Master of You Mentors. In total, you can attend six two-day workshops over the two years. These are invaluable for strategic planning, critical issues, and dynamic online collaboration;
– Weekly Office Hours and Coaching Gyms with Master of You Mentors;
– Weekly Body Thrive Coaching Sessions with Cate (Optional);

The Community

– Mastermind Group meetups (optional)
– Accountability partnerships
– A very active online forum for Q+A and laser coaching

The Master of You Mastermind Group is an option that we strongly encourage as part of your course. We help you get into a Mastermind group and supply your group with an outline, specific to you, to help you implement your dharma goals. You may also choose to join with a partner for added accountability.

We practice “laser coaching” during weekly coaching calls because it’s easier to learn when someone else is being coached. When we’re in the “hot seat” being coached, we’re often resisting or blocking the wisdom being handed to us. Being coached in the group setting allows other members to hold us accountable for the growth we’re trying to achieve.

Get Started in the Master of You Course

Start with Building a Resilient, Fit Body and a Focused Mind

Master of You members have the option to start in Body Thrive, to experience the power of daily habits coaching and dynamic groups. The process guides you to uplevel your personal fitness, encourages streamlined digestion, energetic stamina, immune resilience, and focus for Master of You.

Body Thrive Habits to Automate for Success

Habit 1.
Earlier Lighter Dinner

Habit 2.
Early to Bed

Habit 3.
Start Your Day Right

Habit 4.
Breath Body Practice

Habit 5.
Plant Based Wisdom

Habit 6.
Self Massage

Habit 7.
Sitting in Silence

Habit 8.
Intermittent Fasting

Habit 9.
Sense Organ Optimization

Habit 10.
Easeful Living