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Your Life has Greater Possibilities.
Live them.

Modern life is complex. Your goals are multi-dimensional. You need a smarter system.

You need a system that reflects that and is ready to withstand the complexity of the modern world. Aligning this system with your unique abilities – there’s no limit to what you can achieve.

Why Join Master of You


A whole life system to synchronize your life goals with your body goals, your home, and your time to experience your true ambitions.


Leverage your unique abilities to stride into your purpose, your passion, and your next level ambitions.


Free up your time for that which you want to do most. Open new possibilities of financial freedom. Build meaningful relationships.


Choose the best next opportunities for yourself strategically. Propel yourself into your future, aligned with how the world (and global economy is unfolding).
Life is increasingly complex. The future is increasingly ambiguous. You’ve worked hard for your accomplishments, be it career achievement, financial freedom, body wisdom, meaningful relationships, or more.

But what does your future hold? How do you want to leverage your learnings in alignment with your next potential?

Whether you want to move your personal, professional or organizational goals forward – better strategy will make or break you. Due to a lack of whole modern life strategy – most of us are unprepared to achieve multiple goals simultaneously. As a result – the life you live won’t be as satisfying, rewarding or impactful as you want it to be.

The Master of You Course guides you through a strategic process to your multidimensional life goals – personal, professional, and for many of our leaders, organizational. Cate leverages the ancient holistic wisdom of Ayurveda with modern business strategy. The result? You will automate a methodology into your everyday thinking. You will see greater possibilities. And you will have the best plan possible to grow into your opportunities. Cate interated and improved the Master of You system with CEO’s, Executive Directors, entrepreneurs, and everyday professionals since 2015. Now it’s available to you.

You’re about to be guided into authoring the next chapter of your life. You’ll set brilliant life goals, beyond your current reach, achievable through a dynamic system we call Master of You. There’s no time to waste – we start today.

Here’s How To Start Right Now: Plan Your Next Life changing Goal and Get Done With the Free 90 minute Better You Training Session.

There’s a myth going around: the belief that to focus on one thing means sacrifices need to be made elsewhere. That some dreams are not worth pursuing. There’s just no time, we’ll think.

The really tragic part is we begin to ignore aspects of life that are crucial to wellbeing. We see sacrifices being made to your personal positive impact, your personal time, your core relationships, health, and body, or your true financial freedom.

No more.

If you’re here, you know you need to pivot to realize your future. You are ambitious, but the world is changing fast and the path forward is not clear. Where do you start?

The Holistic Strategic Approach to the Better Goals in Your Life

After only three months I see much greater possibilities for positive impact, I’m not thinking small anymore. I don’t just just see opportunities, but I’ve designed strategies to meet them. The path is clear and I’m walking it with my head held high, Shoulders back, Heart open and eyes trained on the target. This feels great!

Alicia Heyburn
Executive Director – Teens to Trails

Cate Stillman guides her Master of You members through a dedicated curriculum. She ignites ambition and leadership for you to build a clear system and enter the next level of lifestyle design. Her system is inherently holistic – aligning every aspect of your life into the life you’ve always wanted to live. But that isn’t all. You’ll change the possibilities in your future.

When people realize that they have clear and meaningful goals, a helpful support community, and the resources to take action, they get an instant boost to their emotions, motivation, and their perceptions of what’s achievable.

The global online community course surrounds you with like-minded professionals, aligned with a sophisticated curriculum for modern success. We leverage strategy to design your future, leverage possibilites, and experience evolutionary relationships in our dynamic course member community. You will be inspired by your Master of You colleagues.

Coupled with world-class coaching to move you through breakthroughs and pivots into living your best life in real-time… and step into greater possibilities in your future.

How do you currently use strategy to design your life and achieve your goals? You’ll significantly upgrade how you do that. And that alone enhances your future. Integrate the latest strategic planning methods to your life goals. synergized with an ancient wisdom holistic approach that. Your life is multi-dimensional. You should have investment goals, body goals, career goals, relationship goals, personal dev goals. Become who you want to become in real-time, with a better system. Launch cutting-edge potentials of yourself. That’s what you do here.

Master of You is a unique opportunity and a better investment than a career or life coach. By placing you within a group of driven intentional, enterprising individuals, we evolve together faster.

When do you begin implementing better strategies into your life ? As soon as you start.

You will evolve yourself and your life fast – and from anywhere.

The results are game-changing. Goals you’ve given up on come back into focus. You automate a system that gives back with life mastery with the changing phases of human life – to live your most meaningful life and live the dreams that are beyond your current dreams.

It’s a fast return on your investment.


When you get the Master of You Strategic system – bigger goals become within reach.

Leadership by

You’ll be guided to lead- in your life, with your core people, and in your teams.

Dynamic Group

People learn faster in a dynamic group. The leaders within our community accelerate your ability to live the strategic process that is Master of You.
Drawing on over twenty years of experience as an entrepreneur and business leader in the holistic wellness field, Cate knows how to apply strategy to business growth, even with a remote team in a dynamic marketplace.

By creating an innovative approach that involves collective leadership and peer support, Cate is here to laser coach you through the process of empowering yourself to awaken your deeper dreams and accomplish your greatest ambitions.

Cate partnered with her cousin, Andy Stillman, to coach Master of You members. Andy has held senior roles in a number of large multinational corporations including: E*Trade, Citigroup, Deutsche Bank – often as a Chief Operating Officer or an in-house consultant. Andy has over 30 years of experience successfully helping people improve by developing and executing meaningful strategies focused on the long-term success of their financial or business goals.

Together, they create a coaching atmosphere that shows up authentically, and works through your unconscious obstacles, in an atmosphere of trust. The results are unparalleled breakthroughs.

“Besides identifying, the course provides the knowledge, tools, strategies and support for me to align my actions, the current elements in my life, my beliefs and my behaviors in the right direction to actually achieve these goals and bring them to fruition. Master of YOU literally has changed me as a person, my present circumstances and the course of my future.”

Monica Biasalo

Get on to your bigger goals
and your life at the next level.

Here’s how it works:


Get your unique life and career goals into focus, fast, with a strategy and action plan.

Activate your greater potential.

Leverage your strategic learning by opening greater opportunities in your future.

Experience the power of a holistic transformational system, that will have friends asking - how did you do it?

You’re on the brink of
being more amazing.

Stop placing life on hold and become the Master of You.

Master of You is suited for ambitious people with multidimensional goals to design their future and themselves at the next level. Do you sense you could design your life, your impact, with greater purpose and meaning? Are you limited by your ability to apply strategy in real time to make that happen? Do you have leadership and a dynamic group of people who are tackling bigger issues in real-time?

Master of You is NOT for those who play small, lack goals, are are ordinary.
This is a course for people who take action…, who dream big…, who grab life by the horns.

Cate Stillman started her online company in 2001, devoting her life to personal and planetary thrive. In guiding members to thrive in their bodies and achieve their life goals, she developed time-tested curriculums. In the process, she grew a company, with a remote team and a freedom lifestyle, to over seven-figure mark.
When Cate paired up with her cousin, Andy Stillman, to co-lead, she leveraged his ability to coach people and businesses at the executive level.
Her cutting-edge course activates your to live the life you dream of… in real time. Get curious about what is beyond your wildest dreams,and how those further along the path can guide you.

There’s no other course that seamlessly combines whole person achievement with modern human challenges and temporal unpredictability.

You’re invited to adopt this model to build your own profitable wellness career and scalable business. We’ll guide you every step of the way.

You can do this. And you’ll have a powerful people, further down the path, alongside you.

Together, we’ll guide you from chasing time to scaling your life dreams by mastering the strategic vision-plan-implementation process.

Leverage your unique abilities and cultivated skills to author your smarter future.

“I’ve spent a lot of money over the years as part of my “continuing education” and I can honestly say that Living Ayurveda has been one of the best investments yet. From improving the home environment, to breaking through self-imposed limits and then right down to the basics of how to schedule all that needs to be done.

I love that the program is not simply conceptual–it’s shirt sleeves rolled up, let’s work through it together. Which means you get results! The group of like-minded others is also such a gift! Thank you Cate!”

Sally Burgess

Hurry! The next Master of You
Course starts soon.

What’s waiting for you: a better life, with your unique goals achieved in real-time, and exclusive guidance through the challenging territory ahead. Get started with Master of You.

Secure your seat with a $1500 payment today, and unlock world-class guidance into your next evolution.