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Vision Quest


“This Vision Quest is the fast way to the epicenter of your dharma… your next self-reinvention.” – Cate Stillman

Most of us haven’t been trained in the art of self-reinvention.

I’ve been studying and practicing reinvention, identity evolution, bio-hacking and Ayurveda for quite awhile now.

During the last Yogidetox, I witnessed my husband was ripe for a deep dive journey into a massive self-reinvention. A personal and professional overhaul.

We packed super nutrients.

Native vision quests usually involved water fasting and not exercising.

I’ve observed that modern humans, like ourselves, and deeper de-nutrified and sit too much. We packed a gallon of green juice, soup, nut butters, tons of apple, some local meat, and 92% dark chocolate. We planned on sand biking 3-4 hours a day in the dunes – so we needed some good fuel for the fire. (Mountain biking burns roughly 700 calories/hour).

The quest was profound. The process very effective. I’ll give you a very clear, easy way to go into, go through, and come out of your vision quest!

Vision Quest:
A powerful process to quest for the vision of who you want to become next.