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Rule#3 – Kapha

What type of Digestion (Agni) do you have?

Kapha : the force of cohesion

Their go-with-the-flow personality have a natural ease. The difficulty is in evolution, as the tendency can
default towards complacency and comfortably  that can nullify change, growth and development. Kaphas that exercise regularly and keep light and agile are best ability to utilize their deeper strength and capacity. Those
that overeat and engage in the couch potato lifestyle are at risk for congestion, asthma, water retention, obesity, diabetes, and other imbalances of excess.

Due to liquidity over fire those with a predominance of Kapha are blessed with a slow metabolism. This slow appetite enables kaphas to get by on less food, though creates a tendency towards overeating. The stomach lining of Kapha has higher liquidity which can more easily give rise to congestion, especially if starches, fruits and sweet foods are eaten regularly or excessively. Kaphas do best with a drying diet with spicy, crunchy foods and a predominance of green vegetables. 

Kapha has a cold, heavy and static nature that is easily transmuted  into strength through morning exercise. Waking up and breaking a sweat is the best pattern for Kapha types to integrate into their dependable routine nature. Eating 2 meals a day is optimal for Kaphas, which enables the ether element of space to rise
between meals. The best foods for kapha are those with a naturally occurring  astringent quality to absorb the excess liquid nature of kapha. Astringent grains include millet and buckwheat. Other effective foods are pomegranates, leafy greens, lemons, & grapefruits.

Water & Earth

Heavy, cool, moist, soft,  stable, sweet.

Body Characteristics:
Stocky with a potential to become overweight.

Good muscular development.
Short neck & large bone structure.

Slow speaking, slow moving,
consistent & dedicated

Physical Challenges:
Prone to mucous conditions of the lungs and sinuses.

Has the potential for water retention, weight gain & diabetes.

Emotional Challenges:
Lethargy, depression & over attachment.

Balanced By:
Warm, light, dry & mobile qualities.

Unconditional love, nurturing and devotion.
Those of Kapha nature make reliable managers.