Shadow work in making a bigger impact.

Shadow work in making a bigger impact.

Cate Stillman - Business School for yoga teachers & healers

Cate, age 4, constricted in Mary Janes and white socks.

When you put yourself out there… vulnerable and excited to create a BIGGER positive shift in the world….

do you notice a subtle lurking constriction that sucks your juice?

Cindy Lou guides me out of this ancient protective pattern. Download or play below. (Cindy Lou is the Integral Coach for the Mentors Club.)

Listen as she guides me through shadow work to loosen the pattern that is constricting free creative play-in-action.

Listen and do the exercise for yourself, and let me know what shifts in you. When you're free of the constricting lurking feeling behind the scenes, what will you do IN THE WORLD?

Is your Evolutionary Growth growing your Work?

The idea that your spiritual growth and healing work is for you is so '90s. It's a super convenient belief pattern. Invest in it and you won't make a bigger difference.  This belief perpetuates that it's all about you and your experience. Once you blow up that pattern, this bigger game stuff is going to arise.

And when the bigger game arises, vulnerability is going to surface.

Wearing what I want…. freedom at last.

The subtle lurking constriction that sucks my juice is in direct opposition to the universal energy that fuels my ability to make a bigger difference. The constriction fuels my typical get ‘er done modis operandi.  Yet, the unpatterning Cindy Lou guides me through opens the gates for what is possible. She is a master of Evolutionary Psychology. As the being aspect shifts, what and how we do our work in the world shifts.

Synchronistically, our beloved Sally K wrote a blog post on this process this week:  Finding the Vulnerable Heart, Part Two by Sally KemptonSally explains

“In mature vulnerability, you reconnect with the openness and innocence of the vulnerable child, with her natural connection to Essence. But now, you inhabit that vulnerability not from the original, unprotected place, but from an adult awareness of your own strengths, and also with the power you’ve developed through your practice of yoga and other forms of inner work.” Sally Kempton

Naked in cowboy boots

I never imagined publishing a post with 4 year old me naked in man-sized cowboy boots. If you listened to the conversation above, you know why these two pics are perfect. Check out the green shag.

My question to you, how is your does typical way of getting things done and doing your work in the world limited by the subtle lurking constriction that sucks your juice? What would happen for all of us holistic teachers and healers if we dropped that pattern?

The implications are enormous.

 Yoga teachers and holistic healers are collaborating on our big shift

In the Mentors Club, you step into dropping old patterns that block your potential impact.  Spaces available. For those who can't make a bigger difference because you don't have enough energy, align yourself with universal rhythms in the Living Ayurveda Course.

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