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Yogahealer Show Podcast Sponsorship

About The Yogahealer Real Life Show:

Running since 2013, The Yogahealer Real Life Show has emerged as one of the top Yoga and Ayurveda podcasts on iTunes. The Yogahealer Podcast is a hip, modern show with practical wisdom sourced from Ayurveda and Yoga. Cate Stillman — podcast host and tribe leader at, Yoga teacher, Ayurvedic practitioner, and social wellness entrepreneur — is devoted to empowering her listeners to thrive in their bodies, communities, and ecosystems. In Yogahealer Podcasts, Cate invites guests who embody awake living — wellness innovators, Yoga experts, and Ayurvedic doctors, to name a few — to share their personal strategies for thriving in a typical modern lifestyle. The show mixes in segments, including Recipe of the Week, Yoga Tip of the Week, and Ask Cate, which produces a hip radio-show listening experience.

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Why Sponsor Yogahealer?

The Yogahealer Real Life Show’s listenership is a growing, global audience of Yoga peeps who love eating healthily, practicing green living, meditating, and hitting the mat. Cate offers an authentic, articulate value addition for companies seeking to expand their marketing reach to an international audience in the highly lucrative and rapidly expanding “LOHAS” (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability), particularly in the Yoga and Ayurveda market sectors.

The tribe listening to the Yogahealer Podcast is dedicated. They love to share what they’re learning on social media.


  • What you’ll receive:
    • A 60-second pre-roll or mid-roll audio that combines information about your product with a personalized endorsement story from Cate’s experiences with your product
    • A 30-second call to action at the end of the podcast so you’re the last thing on the listeners’ minds before they finish the episode
    • Publicity on Cate’s blog and social media posts about the podcast
  • Your reach:
    • You’ll reach Yogahealer’s devoted international following!
      • This podcast has generated over 350,000 unique podcast downloads and is now averaging over 5,000 downloads per episode.
    • By sponsoring Yogahealer, you’ll garner publicity and access to both the ears and the eyes of Yogahealer’s following!
    • Ensure long-term reach months and years after an episode is released. Your company can still be discovered by new Yogahealer listeners who often download all past episodes — they love finding conversations they’ve been searching for over time.
  • Unique ways to measure your effectiveness:
    • Increase your revenue and track how Yogahealer listeners invest in your product by offering listeners an exclusive promotional code for your product. This is in the pre-roll intro audio and call-to-action outro.
  • Packages
    • 1 episode: $335
    • 3 episodes: $900 (save $100)
    • 6 episodes: $1,410 (save $390)
    • Please note that these packages are based on industry price standards of $18 per 1,000 downloads for a 15-second ad, $22 per 1,000 downloads for a 30-second ad, and $25 per 1,000 downloads for a 60-second ad. Yogahealer averages over 5,000 unique downloads per episode. With Yogahealer, you’ll save money and receive the benefit of increased reach over Cate’s numerous social media platforms.

Next Steps:

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What Listeners Are Saying on iTunes:

  • “Cate has an amazing ability to offer something for everyone in each of her podcasts. Her excitement comes through and leaves you looking forward to the next podcast. She has an amazing amount of knowledge and is open to sharing it.”
  • “Cate is innovated and motivated to share her knowledge in Yoga, Ayurveda, and business. It’s inspiring!”
  • “Love, love this show. I am always inspired to live with more awareness after hearing a podcast with Cate! She is the real deal and has such a down-to-earth approach that has helped me live with great awareness and intention. I am always coming back for more!”
  • “Cate is on a power path. Much of her power comes from what she gives. And it’s a lot. Her knowledge is vast, her focus is clear, and her heart is huge. Listen to Cate — she makes it easy to connect with her. Watch your life improve through resonant transformation!”
  • “Cate is fantastic, smart, knowledgeable, articulate, innovative. I always learn something new and applicable to my life when I listen to this show.”
  • “Cate always has something thought-provoking to offer from the front lines of healing. She has a great ability to tap into resources, bring people together, and share wisdom in an organized and effective way. She can access the wealth of information and the flow of consciousness and package it in a way that makes it usable and relatable no matter how new or experienced her audience is in the art of what she is discussing.”
  • “Thank you so much, Cate, for your unending gift to us.”
  • “I always look forward to all of Cate’s podcasts. She is on the cutting edge of how to live your Yoga. I had been feeling so disconnected from how I want to live and how I was living. Cate’s podcast topics help bridge that gap and articulate how life can be. I did her Yogidetox and learned so much more about healthy eating. Cate is an amazing resource. Namaste.”
  • “I just love listening to Cate and her guests dish out some juicy wisdom for how to live in higher frequency! Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world!”
  • “Cate is very talented in clearly expressing multiple aspects of health and wellness — from the simple to the complex. Her knowledge is vast and her passion is palpable. These free podcasts are great to listen to over and over and over. I too am always back for more!”