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[Learn Ayurveda] Instill the Habits of Enlightenment

 The habits of yogis are based on biohacking. The yogis needed mental clarity for spiritual attainment. To achieve this mental clarity, they found out that optimizing how their bodies functioned was key. All systems needed some upgrading, from the most mundane like taking a great poop in the early morning to deep-tissue hydration and lubrication, to refined nutrient absorption and tissue formation, to sound rest and cellular repair. When the physical body is optimized, the mind becomes clear, the emotions become loving, and from this ground our are more open, receptive and internally...

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Productivity + Connectivity Tips For a Dharmic Life

Long time student, Mo Horton, asked me a question for the podcast. She asked, “What body habits will make the critical difference… individually and collectively…  for us to show up as our optimal best… for ourselves and for the next generation?”Mo’s heartfelt question landed as being exactly on pointe for me dharmically, I decided to devote this episode to answering it at my growing edge.What habits do I see as making the pivotal difference for humanity? I rap about productivity + connectivity tips:Your keystone habit Your non-negoitables Living into the truth that you...

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10 Must-Have Habits from Ayurveda by Cate Stillman

Ayurveda, the folk medicine from India and sister-science of Yoga, optimizes your body to feel great and last a good, long time. Based on habits and rhythms Ayurveda understands human biorhythms inside and out. If your daily habits go against our primate-ancestral rhythms you will suffer and/or cut your life short. There are 10 key habits the yogis of yore relied on that couldn’t be more relevant to thriving today.Which of the habits do you need now?1. Eat an Earlier Lighter Dinner Is lunch your main meal or do you do...

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