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Smaller, Smarter, and More Efficient in Work and Life with Paul Jarvis

Paul Jarvis is an author, a maker of software and online courses, and a digital privacy enthusiast. His writing and ideas focus around the contrarian view that business growth isn’t always good, and isn’t always required. In this episode, Paul sits down with Cate to discuss his newest book, Company of One.  What you’ll get out of tuning in:How to figure out if “bigger” is really better for your company. How growth can sometimes promote you out of a job you love. Why there is no one “right” way to...

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Feedback: Are you a learner or a victim?

We are constantly giving and receiving feedback. Take a moment to reflect. What feedback have you been receiving lately? How have you perceived it? With what senses? And how can you learn from the feedback you’ve received? In this episode, Cate sits down with Megan Pintus to discuss how we can use the feedback we receive to learn and grow.  What you’ll get out of tuning in:How to learn faster using feedback. How we dismiss and invalidate feedback. How to recognize and receive feedback more skillfully.  Links Mentioned in Episode:Be...

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Making Better Products and Bigger Smiles with Craig Dubitsky

Craig Dubitsky started his entrepreneurial career as an investor and was fortunate to be involved in the beginnings of both companies Method and eos. Today, he still looks back at the networking opportunities that he had and the steps that have brought him to his successes with gratitude. He began Hello with a great idea and a group of really motivated people that wanted to provide honest products for everyone. Now, their charcoal toothpaste in available in everyday retail stores including Walmart and Fred Meyer.Craig credits these successes not only...

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