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From Surviving to Thriving with Peter Crone

Today Peter Crone and I have some fascinating conversation about Ayurveda, human psychology, behavior, and interaction. Peter tells us about his first experience with Ayurveda and how he immediately adopted the science into his life and work. As a physicist, he has always been interested in who we are as humans, why we do what we do, how things work, and the principles of mother nature. We chat about why humans act, react and think in the ways that we do. We discuss how the wisdom of Ayurveda can help...

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How to Evaluate your Traditions

Take a moment. Look back at your Thanksgiving. Was it everything you aspire to…did it meet your potential? This is important; if you’re not aware, your traditions might be outdated.Have the conversation with yourself and your “family”. Print this. Here are your openers: o What are we celebrating? How do we want to honor the holiday’s deeper meaning? (become Conscious of what we are celebrating?) Is it simply being together or something else as well?o   What do we do to create a connection with eachother? If we have a ritual –...

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