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Eat Green in Yoga Journal

Desiree Rumbaugh and I are psyched to be in the March 2013 edition of Yoga Journal for our Eat Green Challenge. Check out p. 37-44 - the article by Lavinia Spalding called Crunch Time: Revitalize yourself with a plant-based eating plan that celebrates fruits and veggies. Also, Des and I want to get a shout out to our dear old friend and colleague, Stacey Rosenberg, who is the "student" of Eat Green in the article....

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Prana, your digestive tract, and eating green

What is your Maha Vaha Srota?And why should you care? I assume you like me grew up in the West, and with a Western perspective of the body as machine. The Eastern perspective is really different. Eastern systems see the body as a series of channels that carry consciousness. I know - what a concept. Some of the channels are subtle, like the mind channels and the prana channels. Some of the channels are gross...

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