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Infertility and Millennials: Ayurvedic Advice for Virility + Fertility with Vrinda Devani

Fertility is a strong reflection of the health and resilience of our bodies. In today’s population, especially in millenials, we are seeing an increase in infertility. With a modern environment that constantly provides a plethora of stimuli and stressors, it is easy to lose the space that our body requires to reproduce. Vrinda Devani, OBGYN, explains how infertility is often a sign of an underlying health imbalance in individuals. When our ojus, the element that creates homeostasis and immunity in the body,  is imperfect, so is our fertility. Cate and Vrinda discuss...

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Ayurveda, Vata Imbalances + Sound Therapy

On today’s show, I talk with Daniel Bastacky about Ayurveda and Sound Therapy. Daniel works with sound bowls and other instruments of sound to relax, heal, and balance people on physical, mental and emotional levels. Sound bowls produce a high-quality energy and vibration which can penetrate deep into a person’s physiology, shifting stagnant energy and opening up areas in the body that have felt blocked. Daniel and I chat about the clarity and feelings of wholeness and nourishment that can come through sound therapy. When we feel this nourishment on a...

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Vata, Ayurveda + Trade Pain for Rhythm with Mary Sullivan

On today’s podcast I promote a woman from inside our Yogahealer community. Mary Sullivan, who has walked the self healing path in full with Yogahealer and is an amazing mentor in my Living Ayurveda course,  joins me to discuss Vata and Vata imbalances. Learn what it means to have Vata imbalances and how to deal with them by coming into deeper integration in your pranic, physical, mental, emotional, and intuitive bodies. Mary and I rap about Vata, the force of movement and rhythm in our lives. There is an excitement, a spontaneity...

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Conscious Daydreaming is How You Connect to Your Future with Summer McStravick

Are you action-oriented, or more of a daydreamer? In today’s show, Summer McStravick unpacks the art of conscious daydreaming, which she calls Flowdreaming, to tap into a deeper trust and flow with the universe that created us. We explore why it’s far more productive to let go of the conscious, problem-solving mind. In Flowdreaming, the payoff for the practice of conscious daydreaming is the lived, embodied experience of aligning the future to the present. That may sound “out-there.” In actuality, it’s refreshingly efficient, fun, and easeful. I rap with Summer McStravick about...

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3 tips for Ayurvedic Practitioners in 2011

Being an Ayurvedic Pracitioner in many ways is getting easier. 10 years ago most gyms didn't have a decent yoga program. Most people now can recognize triangle pose a mile away. This shift into yoga has paved the way for us Ayurvedic Practitioners.  Our neighbors are discovering their interioirty... their inner body... their subtle physiology. Our hospitals have mind-body stress release programs. Our communities are starting to wake up  and look around for who is producing food locally. Over the past few years, my husband and I have had a few dinner table conversations about who thrives and who struggles. We've noticed a few industry trends. My career in  yoga and ayurveda became full time when I was 27. Now I'm 37 and I'm very interested in supporting Ayurvedic Practitioners and yoga teachers in reaching deeper into their communities. To do so, though, we might need an additional skillset to our healing and preventive medicine skills. This new skill set requires creativity, connection, communication, marketing, and basic online and offline business skills. We need a head for business. I never studied business before I went into business.  I went to a liberal arts college and the closest I could come to a business class was Economics. That's not close. We need to study business and marketing and the new economy as if it were the 8th chakra. Here are my 3 tips for Ayurvedic Practitioners in 2011
  1. STOP USING SANSKRIT. Most people don't care about Sanskrit. Most folks would rather figure optimize their iPhone than optimize their bowel movements. They have no idea how the sanskrit language can open the subtle channels of their inner body. And because they don't know... they don't care. So if you want to attract these "most people" into your amazing healing work so they don't have to pop pills every time something goes awry, you need to speak to the hearts and needs of the people you can help. When I stopped offering "Ayurvedic Cleanses" to my locals and started offering "Detox Courses" my numbers doubled.  I only use sanskrit when I teach Yogis... because sanskrit for Yogis is like dark chocolate for women. This means in smaller communities, using words like "Ayurveda" to describe what you do might create more confusion than clarification.
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Read your Toxins part 1 & Ama Contest for Free Cleanse!

How to read toxins in your body The Top 9 Signs You have Ama (undigested food stored as toxin) in your Body: Your TONGUE is coated in the morning Your BREATH is strong and unpleasant Your APPETITE is poor; digestion is weak. You CRAVE processed food. You EYES & SKIN lack shine. Your URINE is cloudy, discolored or dark (yellow-brown) Your POOP stinks. You're TIRED. You're UNMOTIVATED and have UNCLEAR priorities. Gloom and doom. I know. The cool exciting part is that you are making choices daily that are either digesting the ama and you're feeling better, or you're making...

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