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The Powers of Deep Rejuvenation and Peak Performance

What do you need in your life- Deep Rejuvenation or Peak Performance? Today I talk about the tough stuff that we can all encounter along our paths to health such as sourcing our energy from Ego instead of the Universe, the failure of the intellect, and the Disease Tree. It’s easy to become overwhelmed, tired, scattered, or anxious in our action packed, overstimulating lives. It’s time we pull our energy back, give more time to ourselves and deeply rejuvenate. I talk to everyone about how to root yourself in order to...

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Growth and Transformation on the Path of Ayurveda with Kate O-Donnell

I love these juicy conversations with author, lecturer, and yoga instructor, Kate O’Donnell. Today, we jump right into how our awareness expands and changes as we dive deeper into the studies of yoga and Ayurveda, and how we can expect ourselves and our physiology to change and evolve on our growth paths.  There is a greater sensitivity that we begin to notice in our bodies as we move into a deeper attunement with nature and the universe. We intuitively begin to move away from over processed foods, scary movies, loud...

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Trust Your Instincts to Find Ease and Efficiency

When you find yourself working in a situation that isn’t actually working, what do you do? I recently found myself sitting in a very full University classroom.  Throughout the class I was constantly tuning out and struggling to tune back in- and most of the class was following suit.  The comments of my classmates affirmed the experience I was having – “I know the concept that the professor is speaking to but the way he’s translating it makes no sense” or “this is bullshit.” Some of the students simply left the...

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