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Episode #121: The Dharma of Karma Yoga with Sarahjoy Marsh

The Shift from self-centered to community-impactful yogisYou may have noticed on your yoga path a few shifts. The most obvious shifts at first are about how we feel. We get grounded, integrated, detoxed, clarified. The personal shifts are the beginning of our path to personal and planetary integration. The broken parts of us get healed. We become more whole in the process.Soon we notice a bigger shift. Our life is our own and not our own. We feel called to action. This is the path of karma yoga. We...

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Sacred Anatomy: Part 5: Sacred Politics

The sensitivity needs to be directed outwardly as much as inwardly. Too many yoga peeps I know get a little self-absorbed in the inward applications of their sensitivity. You know the story… the person who lets you know just how sensitive their digestion has become… and exactly what substances they can and can't ingest. It's really a disease of too much inward focus and not enough outward focus. An Ayurvedic practitioner might diagnose tamas in the manomayakosha....

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