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Evolving Your Yoga Practice (+ Your Yoga Teaching) with Alexandria Crow

When Alex Crow and I hopped on Skype, I hadn’t realized she was one of the two HardTail gals. If you haven’t been subscribed to Yoga Journal over the past decade, you won’t recognize her side view or backside in various Level 3 poses — but those of us who have been definitely would!In this conversation with Alex, you can eavesdrop on us two seasoned Yoga teachers discussing the evolution of the practice and why it’s important to find a balance that isn’t so intense that it causes injury. Alex...

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Self Massage + Foam Rolling

I live in Mexico half the year and spend a chunk of time each week on a paddle board. We have a fleet to meet the different conditions and opportunities. I'm studying paddle technique because I'm clearly not doing it in a sustainable way. My left piriformis is in a knot, my right trapezius is pissed off from overuse, and my left deltoid knows there is a better way.While I'm working on technique to stop inflicting and inflaming myself, I counterbalance with my foam roller. To see how to use one,...

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