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Maya Tiwari on Dharma, Power, Writing Books, + Healing

One day a podcast guest form from Maya Tiwari appeared in my inbox. On cue, I jumped up and threw a happy dance, which for me has a lot of butt and wild arms. I'd tried to get Maya Tiwari in the Ayurveda Summit a half a year before, but a death in India kept her away.At long last, we sat down for a conversation. I had no idea what to expect. On the call we connected deeply and quickly - a sign of a true guru. After 30 minutes...

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Karan Bajaj: Living Yogi-Engineer-Novelist Shoots the Breeze on Dharma + Karma

Indian Engineer Churns out another Best SellerKaran Bajaj invites you into dissolving yourself. He invites us into purifying our actions right where we are now, instead o f looking for something outside ourselves. You’ll be in a yogic experience of reinventing yourself. He asks, are you in a hurry to accomplish something in this life? Or are you going at the pace that life is engaging you. All of this coming from an Indian best seller, who today is releasing a book which already has major movie contract, The Yoga of Max’s...

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