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Body Habits and Your Subtle Anatomy Self Care

Healthy body habits are a key foundation for deepening the human experience and opening up to your full potential. This potential is the highest version of yourself, residing within the more subtle layers of your being. These layers I am referring to are known as koshas in yoga and Ayurveda. When the koshas are cared for, they can communicate in harmony resulting in clear thinking, emotional intelligence and connection to your divine self. Within the larger picture of the subtle anatomy lies an endless realm to explore. That is when...

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Why Meditation Opens Time, Ease, + Inner Trust

Many of us have been doing meditation for a long time. Others of us have not. Why do meditators keep meditating? Why is it hard for some people to start? What is only possible when we give our mind a little breathing room and our awareness some time to soak up beingness.Tom Evans is an ex-BBC TV engineer who became an author, podcast host and meditation guide by accident. His passion is helping people get in and stay in the zone. His latest book is The Authority Guide to Practical...

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Read your Toxins part 1 & Ama Contest for Free Cleanse!

How to read toxins in your bodyThe Top 9 Signs You have Ama (undigested food stored as toxin) in your Body:Your TONGUE is coated in the morning Your BREATH is strong and unpleasant Your APPETITE is poor; digestion is weak. You CRAVE processed food. You EYES & SKIN lack shine. Your URINE is cloudy, discolored or dark (yellow-brown) Your POOP stinks. You're TIRED. You're UNMOTIVATED and have UNCLEAR priorities.Gloom and doom. I know. The cool exciting part is that you are making choices daily that are either digesting the ama and you're feeling better, or you're making...

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