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Time Saver for the Holidays Butternut Squash

My passion to feed others delicious, local, organic and easily digestible food has always been present in my life, from my time as sous chef at Yasodhara Ashram in British Columbia to my cooking time in my own kitchen at home. These days, quality family time is of the essence and there’s no time to waste, especially during the holidays.Each year I buy $250 worth of local squash and I place them around my house, which allows me to keep an eye on them. If I see one going off...

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Living Foods Recipes for Labor Day

Gabriel Cousens, the world's foremost live-foods medical doctor, reverberates that the key to a healthy diet is organic and live. Most of us here in the YogaHealer tribe get that and we're on to practicing the next step; discerning the exact mix of foods that are best for our own bodies and coordinating that with the seasons + our unique environments.So, let's look at where we are in the year right now. The late summer holiday, Labor Day, is upon us. The transition from summer to fall is en route....

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