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Coming of Age in the Monastery with Kung Fu Master Yuan Jing

As a young boy, Kung Fu Master Yuan Jing has learnt to live the life of a monk. Born in an impoverished village in China, he and his younger brother were among the fortunate ones since they were chosen at a young age to live in the Shaolin Temple to become masters in Kung Fu, Tai Chi and Meditation. He has lived the life of a monk since he was a boy waking at 5:30 a.m. to the routine of meditation, training and discipline. The temple is located high in the...

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Kitchari Recipe

I'm frequently asked for a kitchari recipe. Over the last decade I've maybe been asked 300 times. One might think I would have posted a kitchari recipe like this in my first blog post and avoided a few dozen of those emails asking for a recipe. If you want the recipe - click the image and print it. And if you're wondering why so many people want to eat kitchari, read on....

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Living Foods Recipes for Labor Day

Gabriel Cousens, the world's foremost live-foods medical doctor, reverberates that the key to a healthy diet is organic and live. Most of us here in the YogaHealer tribe get that and we're on to practicing the next step; discerning the exact mix of foods that are best for our own bodies and coordinating that with the seasons + our unique environments. So, let's look at where we are in the year right now. The late summer holiday, Labor Day, is upon us. The transition from summer to fall is en route....

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