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Detoxes and diets

I’ve been “raw”. I’ve been “ayurvedic”. I’ve even dabbled in “paleo ayurvedic.” We all know labels are limiting. But, we’ve also experienced how specific diets raise our body awareness and teach us new kitchen skills. ...

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Detox for Weight Loss

A safe and sensible detox plan can not only be designed to "cleanse" the body but also for weight loss.During a detox, you turn over your fat cells. Instead of metabolizing on a superficial level, you metabolize your fat cells. When you metabolize your fat cells, your fat cells go from being huge, bloated and confused… to compact, intelligent and vibrant!...

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Read your Toxins part 1 & Ama Contest for Free Cleanse!

How to read toxins in your bodyThe Top 9 Signs You have Ama (undigested food stored as toxin) in your Body:Your TONGUE is coated in the morning Your BREATH is strong and unpleasant Your APPETITE is poor; digestion is weak. You CRAVE processed food. You EYES & SKIN lack shine. Your URINE is cloudy, discolored or dark (yellow-brown) Your POOP stinks. You're TIRED. You're UNMOTIVATED and have UNCLEAR priorities.Gloom and doom. I know. The cool exciting part is that you are making choices daily that are either digesting the ama and you're feeling better, or you're making...

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