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Winter Solstice Ojas Building Rituals

The rhythm of the Winter Solstice is slow and inward. The slowing down builds ojas, the subtle energy of Kapha dosha. Kapha means to nourish or nurture, and is the growth and repair mechanism in our cells. Winter is the time to build our annual ojas, and the Winter Solstice is the kick-off event for this cycle.Ojas is your immune system. From Ayurveda, ojas is like a subtle gel of connective consciousness which contains the raw energy and intelligence of prana and inspired glow of tejas throughout our body. When...

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Plan your Winter Solstice

With close to a week before the winter solstice, how are you planning on honoring the day of darkness?Solstice = Sun standing stillSol = SunSistere = Cause to stand stillYule = WheelThis is the biggest invitation to pause in our annual Earth cycle. You can stand still and watch the wheel turn. You can see where you are in space, and mark where you are in time.Yule was the pre-Christian Germanic Midwinter (celebration). It was one of the eight solar holidays.  When the wheel of the year is at its...

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